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Below is a free antique clocks and antique mechanical music research resource, filled primarily with antique clock history and antique clockmakers history. We are looking for contributors. If you have researched and written an antique clocks or mechanical music-related historical or informational article/photos and are willing to share it with others, then we would be interested in hearing from you and the possibility of publishing it here. We can note your name with your article if you choose to contribute it to this reference library.

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National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC)
Clock Research Site - Gordon Uber
Music Box Society International
Reference Library
Antique Clock History / Antique Clockmakers History
Mechanical Music History... And More!
Alarm Clocks History
(by last name)..
American Clockmakers List (partial)
Ansonia Clock Company History
Ashcroft Manufacturing Co. History
B.B. Lewis Perpetual Calendar History
Categorizing Antiques Condition
Atmos LeCoultre History
Ball Watch Company History
F. Barbedienne History
Beha, Johann Baptist History
Biedermeier Period
Bigelow, Kennard & Co. History
Birge, John History
Blanket-Wrap Moving
Boulle, Charles André History
Bundy Manufacturing Company History
Burnishing Defined
Becker, Gustav Clock Co. History
Boston Clock Company History
Campos, Foster S. History
Charles Jacques Clock Co. History
Chelsea Clock Company History
Chelsea Clock Museum
Clock Chime Tunes
Cook & Jaques, Trenton NJ
Damascening History (Damascened Pendulum Bobs)
Delft (Porcelain)
Dungan & Klump (Dickory, Dickory Dock Clock) History
Durfee, Walter H. History
Electric Horology: A Library of Links
Elliott of London Clock Co. History
Elmer O. Stennes History
Frequently Asked Questions – Clock Guy Site
“Flea Market” – Origin Of The Term
Forestville Mfg. Co. History
Fusee Mechanism Described
Gazo Family Clock Factory History
1985 Newspaper Article - Gazo Family Clock Factory
Gilbert, William L. Clock Co. History
Gilding Defined
Grand Sonnerie Movement
Gustav Becker Clock Co. History
Grandfather's Clock History
Harris & Harrington History
Hermle Clock Company History
Herschede Hall Clock Company History
Herschede Model 250 “The Clock”
Howard, E. & Company History
How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Clock Cases
Ingraham, E & Company History
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. History
Jacques Clock Co. History
Japy Frères History
J.C. Brown (Forestville) Co. History
George A Jones & Co. History
Junghans Clock & Watch Co. History
Kalliope Musikwerke History
Kieninger History
Kroeber, F. Clock Co. History
Lenzkirch History
Lost Wax Casting Defined
Measurements - How We Report Dimensions
Moon Dial
New Haven Clock Co. History
Packing A Clock For Shipment
Parker (& Whipple) Clock Company
Pin-Wheel Escapement
Prestidge, Eydon – A Clockmaking Family History
Quarter-Sawn Oak
Remember Company (Austria) History
Riggs & Brother (Philadelphia) History
Royal Bonn History
Russell & Jones Clock Co. History
Sidney Advertising Clock Company History
Simplex Time Recorder Company History
SFRY Montgomery Dial History (Santa Fe Railway)
J.P. Seeburg Company History
Sessions Clock Company History
Seth Thomas Clock Company History
Seth Thomas “City Series” Clocks History
Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 History
Seth Thomas “Sonora Chime” History
Ship's Bells Explained
Shreve, Crump & Low, Jewelers - History
Stennes, Elmer O. History
“Stuff You Need To Know” About Your Clock
Terry Clock Co. History
Tiffany Electric Clock Co. History
Walter H. Durfee History
Waltham Clock Company History
Warren Telechron Company History
Waterbury Clock Company History
Webb C. Ball Company History
Western Electric Piano Company History
E.N. Welch Manufacturing Co. History
Winterhalder & Hofmeier (W&H) History

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