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Ours is one of the most-visited clock sites on the internet.The goal of this page is to help you find the info you need in the simplest manner possible, while, at the same time, helping us efficiently manage our understandably large volume of e-mail and voicemail.

Hope that makes sense to you. Please know that we do want to be of service and will try to help you in any way practical within our scope of knowledge and services.

We are friendly and very approachable, so please don't be put off by, nervous about, or intimidated by our "screening" process below; we haven't eaten any inquiring minds in the past, so you're safe!

Richard Oliver
“The Clock Guy”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

For what it's worth, we do have an FAQ page, which answers many questions about our antique clocks business. Please take time to visit... people tell us it's actually fun to read... what a concept!

Hours of Business 9:00am-7pm Pacific Time: We will be happy to talk with you about your antique clocks for sale or those you wish to purchase from us. Usually, the fastest way to reach us is by e-mail which we monitor continuously seven days a week, except Sunday mornings. Please read the following before you contact us... thanks in advance.

How May We Help You?


We don't sell any parts!

We don't deal in any watches!
(or know anything about them)!

We don't buy foreign goods!

** We don't accept any consignments
from outside the Continental U.S. **

Adjusting Your Clock (click link):
Stuff You Need To Know About Your New Clock (or old)! This information has proven helpful to many people who are trying to set up or adjust a clock. Hopefully, it will be helpful and informational for you as well. Please let us know if it was helpful.

Getting Advice:
We're in the antique clocks selling business. We're not certified appraisers. Every day we get a dozen or so calls and e-mails from people who want information about the clock they just inherited from “Aunt Tillie” or “Uncle Mortimer” (God, rest their souls)! Many send us unsolicited photos, which our mail server automatically deletes.

CATCH THIS: We even receive calls from people who are at a garage sale or in a shop – they've found a clock and want us to somehow magically "feel the vibes" and tell them if it is a good deal (can't you just hear Michael Savage saying, "magically?")... it's freaky, dude!

We'd love to help everyone but, honestly, we can't make any money that way... and the time we spend answering those calls is actually costing us money. This may seem crass, but if you're gonna write or call, please consider the value of our time, too. And please don't feel this is uppity... we're ordinary folks just like you... out there just tryin' to make a living! But, at the same time, customer service is what drives our business.

If you're still with us, thanks, keep readin'...

If you have a clock and would like to know the approximate value we will be happy to give you our opinion for a fee payable by Paypal. Please don't send payment for an evaluation unless we have first talked on the phone and agreed to do the evaluation and set a price for doing so (minimum is $50 ~ average is $150).

The majority of American mantle clocks about which we are contacted would have a retail asking price (antique mall) of $200 or less. We'll do our best to give you an honest opinion and won't take on an evaluation of a low-end clock as it would not be a wise investment for you. If your clock is one of those $200-range items it will not be a good fit for our clientele, thus we would not have an interest in listing it on our site.

We don't list or sell shelf clocks similar to these.
Most are worth under $200.

(unless it is a Kieninger movement in a Gazo clock)

If we do a paid evaluation and subsequently accept the clock for listing on our site and sell it, we will refund any evaluation fee you previously paid.

But please feel free to e-mail us if you have an antique clock for us to sell, or if you want to buy one of ours. Yes, we know, this section makes it sound like we're standoffish and don't want to help people. That's not the case at all... really.

If you're looking for great researched "free advice", we suggest that you spend the eighty bucks and join the NAWCC. This will give you FREE access to their research staff at the National Clock Museum in PA and their online chat areas. We've been a member since 1973 and will be pleased to act as your sponsor! It is worth the cost of membership just to get their bi-monthly, beautifully produced and highly informative "Bulletin" magazine.

This is the only organization in the country focused on collecting, repair and history of antique clocks and watches. There are lots of regional "meets" where clocks and parts are sold and you can attend if you are a member. Most areas also have a monthly meeting where collectors gather. The NAWCC has been of tremendous benefit to many over the years.

If that's not practical, we suggest doing a Google or Yahoo search for free advice... or just wind the darned thing and enjoy owning part of your family legacy... (!)

How To Send Us A Message
We'll Actually See
(what you probably wanted to know in the first place)!


and that the SUBJECT is recognizable as clock-related

PLEASE include your phone number and the city where you are located. We can't contact you without a number, and certainly don't want to return your call in the middle of your night!

Make sure your message has a subject that is not just left blank or our filters will cause it to be deleted automatically. Again, just so everyone understands: BLANK SUBJECT MESSAGES ARE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED. Believe it or not, we want to hear from you, so please don't forget the subject line. Remember the old sales adage? Tell 'em; tell 'em what you told 'em; then tell 'em again!

NO ATTACHMENTS... period! Attachments added to e-mail sent to the address below are automatically deleted –
we never see them – just thought you would want to know. If you have photos that you want to send to us, we need to correspond first and we will send you a different e-mail address to which you may send photos successfully.

Sometimes, legitimate e-mail may inadvertently be blocked from reaching its destination. If you have not received a confirming reply, or feel that your e-mail may not have been delivered, please feel free to contact us by phone.

If you are inquiring about a clock that is not an antique (let's say after the 1930s) we generally will not be able to help you unless it is from the Gazo Family Clock Factory, a 1970s model Herschede tubular-chime tallcase, or up to a 1940s era Seth Thomas or Chelsea clock. We cannot help you with any Sligh, Ridgeway or Howard Miller clocks ~ they are significantly below the radar of our collector clientele. Remember, we deal primarily in antiquities. Chelsea and Seth Thomas (not labeled "General Time") ship's clocks are also an exception to the general "age rule". Thanks in advance for your understanding.

If you are asking us to find a clock for you we will need your completed contact info: name, address, city, state, zip and a (preferably cell) phone number. Our search database requires us to complete each of these fields to set up the record.

Are You Outside of North America?
We sell internationally, but we do not accept any consignments from outside the U.S. or, generally, from Canada. The honest truth: the risk is just too high and shipping is a monstrous hassle and very expensive... unless you can get the clock to us in the U.S.

Are You Searching for A Clock?

You've Got Mail?
We're happy for you! Actually, we get a couple of inquiries each month seeking the clock that was used in the movie. To our knowledge, there are none like it commercially available. However, it is similar in style to a category of clocks that originally came from Sweden called “Mora” clocks. You might want to do a search on that term and see what you find. But, beware that you know if what you are buying is a reproduction or an antique. Be sure to ask the vendor for a specific answer to that question. Also, be sure that you understand its current mechanical condition and any associated warranties they offer and for how they would remedy a problem if it occurred within the warranty period (you don’t want to be shipping the clock or movement again). Better check on shipping costs, too. Maybe we should just have some of them built!

If you are writing to request that we search for an antique for you, please begin the SUBJECT LINE with the word (in caps) "WANTED:" followed by what it is you are seeking. You can put more details in the body of the message. This will automatically filter-in your message. But be sure to put your phone number and at least the city where you are located in the message! You wouldn't believe how often we've worked months to find a clock for someone only to find they changed their e-mail address and then we can't find them!

PLEASE DO NOT SEND US AN E-MAIL WITHOUT INCLUDING YOUR PHONE NUMBER(S) AND AT LEAST THE CITY AND STATE WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED. We don't want to end up calling you back at some silly hour and ask that you don't call us before 8:30am Pacific Time!

Our e-Mail Address:
If you haven't read the rest of the page, please review it before e-mailing us.

Please include your phone number
and where you are located in your e-mail to us

This address is only for correspondence, not photos or any attachments.

(PLEASE don't ask about parts or components – we sell only "whole" clocks)

The e-mail address is a graphic, not clickable text, so please physically type our e-Mail address into the heading of your outbound e-mail. It is not an automatic "mailto" link so the spammers can't pick it up electronically... sorry. If you haven't read the stuff on the page above this paragraph please do so before sending us your note. It will all make more sense that way! Please include your phone number and where you are located in your e-mail to us.

Before calling, have you read the page above (oh, my gosh, is this guy nuts)? (!)

It's fastest to contact us by e-mail. If you wish to call, our number is (Pacific time). We do not have text messaging service. Text messages are auto-deleted by our cell provider.

(old guys need their sleep!)

Please don't contact us about parts or components!
We do not sell parts or components. . . or watches.
We cannot help you with parts or components or watches.
can help you with parts or components!
Hellooo. . . are you listening?

(...sorry, but in spite of saying it with something just short of neon lights all over our site
we still get 4-5 calls per day for parts – sometimes from halfway around the world.)
Pass the reading glasses!

The Bottom Line
Now that we've said all that "filtering" stuff, please be assured that our goal is truly to be of service to you. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, hope you understand the tongue-in-cheek on this page, the need for all this silly "filtering" language above, and still have a smile on your face. We do look forward to being of assistance.

Thanks for visiting our website!

The Antique Clocks Guy

Gads, that was a lot of work!

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