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Tiffany Electric Manufacturing Company

Buffalo, N. Y.

On March 8, 1904, a patent was granted to George S. Tiffany of Buffalo, N.Y. for an electrically wound clock. The earlier clocks are generally under a glass dome and larger with a pendulum having two round ball weights.

By about 1918, some seven models were offered, all with later style pendulums with the two weights having domed tops and flat bottoms. At that time three models were offered under glass domes, one 12 l/ 2" tall at $31.50 and two smaller ones 9 3/4" tall at $23.00 and $19.00. Four models with square "crystal regulator" cases were offered, all 9 1/2" tall, three of which were priced at $26.00 and one at $23.00. Lower priced models had polished brass cases instead of gold or bronze plated ones.

Though fairly expensive, the "Tiffany Never-Winds" enjoyed some success, as they are relatively common compared to other pre-alternating current electrics. Clocks using similar mechanisms are found with the names Cloister Manufacturing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., the National Magnetic Clock Company, New York, N.Y. and the Niagara Clock Company.

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