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Foster S. Campos
“Girandole” Banjo
Prototype #1

Pembroke, Mass.

Foster S. Campos

Foster S. Campos of Pembroke, Mass was a very well known and respected maker of fine quality reproductions of early American shelf, banjo and grandmother clocks. Foster Campos created some of the finest replicas of classic early American timepieces that are available today. Subsequent to his retirement and death, interest in his clocks has continued to grow. His clocks are becoming difficult to find and holding their value as seen in numerous clock auctions.

Foster was trained by and was the sole employee of the infamous clockmaker, murderer and murder victim, Elmer O. Stennes. You should read his story!

It is interesting to note that Campos’ sales brochure alluded to his “extensive apprenticeship under a highly renowned master clock maker,” but never mentioned his mentor’s name... gee, I wonder why!

Foster S. Campos signed banjo weight ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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