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Cook & Jaques Business Sign ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Cook & Jaques Business Sign ~ Antique Clocks Guy

E. Howard Regulator No. 60 Sold/Serviced by Cook & Jaques ~ Antique Clocks GuyE. Howard
Regulator No. 60
Originally Sold/Serviced
by Cook & Jaques

Watchmakers & Jewelers

E. Rezeau Cook - Cook & Jaques ~ Antique Clocks Guy
Headstone: E. Rezeau Cook - Cook & Jaques ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Born Oct 21, 1831 – Trenton NJ
to James Grant Cook and Jane P. Hunt
Married: Letitia Ann Nealy, April 19, 1853
in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ
Died Aug 8, 1910 – Trenton NJ
Internment: Riverview Cemetery
Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ, 8 Aug. 1910

He worked from 1852-1871 as a jeweler and watchmaker in Trenton.
He was a partner in 1871 with Samuel Jaques in Trenton
He appeared in the 1880 census taken at Trenton, listed as jeweler.

Born: Jan 1849, Chesterfield NJ
to James Lawrence Jaques and Mary Jaques
Silversmith and jeweler

He appeared on the 1880 census at Trenton NJ, listed as goldsmith.
He appeared on the 1900 census at Trenton NJ, listed as jeweler.

(no death records found)

The firm of Cook & Jaques founded by E. Rezeau Cook and Samuel R. Jaques were in business from 1871 to the 1930s. They were agents for the PRR (Pensylvania Railroad). In addition to being a retail outlet for regulator clocks made by Seth Thomas, E. Howard, and J.B. Hatch, they rean an active repair business. Numerous clocks from the Delaware valley bear their their repair labels and inscriptions. In addition to the clock business they were also jewelers, silversmiths and opticians. Historical records indicate the addresses at which they conducted business over the years were at 325 Broad Street and 41 E. State, both in Trenton NJ.

Google Books Excerpt:

“Being live, energetic and enterprising men, they have won the confidence and patronage of the people of all classes and justly merit the success with which they have met. Acknowledged leaders in their line of trade they embrace every honorable means to still further advance and increase their businesses and are not excelled by the leading houses of larger cities. As a testimonial of their superior abilities and excellent facilities it is only necessary to remark that the Pennsylvania Railroad Co., the largest and most influential corporation in the world, ten years ago paced all their watches, clocks and chronometers in the charge of Messrs. Cook and Jaques, which they kept constantly thorough repair and supply new ones when needed, as well to many of the railroad employees who prefer buying their own watches. The article continues on… (see Google link).

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Cook & Jaques Tradecard ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Cook & Jaques Tradecard ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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