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One of the biggest questions people ask us is, "How are you going to ship this clock. That's usually followed by, "Will it get here safely," and "How much will it cost?"

So, let's answer those questions in sequence:

Q: How are you going to ship this clock?
That depends on the physical size of the clock. If it is a typical-sized wall clock (under 48" in length), generally, we will use a UPS Store to pack and ship the clock. Once UPS bought out Mailboxes Etc, they became an extremely reliable source for packing and shipping clocks.

We have a very specific set of packing instructions that we give to them (including double-boxing) and have had great success across the country with their packing and shipping.

if the clock is a large wall clock or a tallcase/standing clock, we will use one of our blanket-wrap movers. They pick up the clock here or at the location of our consignor and deliver it inside to your location. The clocks are carefully wrapped in moving blankets and then packed in a specialty cushion-ride moving van for safe delivery. We have had excellent results using several of these blanket-wrap movers and great feedback from our buyers.

Here are some typical blanket-wrap photos:

Blanket-Wrap Truck ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 9
Seth Thomas Regulator No. 30
Seth Thomas Gallery Clock
Loading Large Wall Clock
Tallcase Ready for Loading
Tallcase Strapped in Truck

We formerly had all large clocks crated and then trucked to the buyer. Blanket-wrap moving is both less expensive and safer as the clock is not turned over to a general trucking company who has no skin in the game to get it there safely. The only clocks that we have crated are those for international shipment.

Q: Will it get there safely?
Good question. It has literally been years since we've had a damage claim with UPS, so they remain at the top of the list for smaller clocks. We have had high success moving clocks safely with our blanket-wrap movers. They specialize in moving fragile items and take great care in their initial packing and securing them in the truck for safe shipment.

Unlike general trucking companies, who would deliver a crate only to the driveway or a loading dock, our blanket-wrap movers bring it right inside to the place of your choice, and without grumbling about it!

So, our "final" answer is, you can count on both successful delivery and and a high level of customer commitment from either UPS or our blanket-wrap movers... every time!

Q: How much will it cost?
First of all, we have you pay the packer/shipper directly so that we do not have any markup of the costs. You get the counter price from UPS and the direct price from our blanket-wrap movers. We do not mark up the shipping process in any way. Cost is dependent on size/weiight and the zipcode to which the item will be shipped. UPS uses a computerized system that compares the physical volume that the item will use in a truck to the weight and charges the higher of either weight or volume plus the cost of insurance.

The blanket-wrap movers have a simpler system and give us the best possible price based on zipcodes and their relative proximity to routes regularly traveled by their trucks. We have not had complaints about either their pricing or their service from our buyers... they are extremely reasonable and darned nice people, too! We'd be happy to get you a quote.

Feel free to contact us by phone
with any questions or concerns you may have
about the packing/shipping process.

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