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Bigelow Kennard & Co. English Bracket Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Bigelow, Kennard & Co. of Boston was one of the leading Boston merchants in the 19th and early 20th century, selling high-quality domestic and imported silver, glass, and clocks.

Bigelow Kennard & Co Silversmith Marks ~ Antique Clocks Guy

John Bigelow founded the firm around 1824 and was soon followed by his brothers, Alanson & Abraham O. Bigelow and in 1830 they were known as Bigelow Brothers.

Bigelow Kennard & Co. French Carriage Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Bigelow Kennard & Co. French Carriage Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Martin Parry Kennard of Brookline MA joined the firm between 1845-1847 and the company became Bigelow Brothers & Kennard until 1863. From 1863 to 1972 it was Bigelow Kennard & Co. They ceased business around 1972. During this long period they had watches and clocks private-labeled for them from various manufacturers, several examples of which are shown here.

Bigelow Kennard & Co. French Crystal Regulator ~ Antique Clocks Guy

A cousin of the jewelry family, Edward Alden Bigelow, was treasurer for the E. Howard Clock Co. around 1900 and was also associated with the E.Howard Watch Co. that split off from the clock company at that time.

Bigelow Kennard & Co. French "Egyptian Revival"-Style Crystal Regulator ~ Antique Clocks Guy



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