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English Standing Regulator with
Swiss “ Pinwheel ” Movement

English Pinwheel Standing Regulator

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Because of their accuracy, Swiss Pinwheel Movements are highly desirable. This one is in a curved-top very shallow English mahogany case, circa 1860, making it all the more desirable.

Physical: The Mahogany-veneered case measures 78.5" high; 22"w at the base and 16.5" wide at the trunk; 8" deep at the waist and 6.25" deep at the trunk and features a porcelain dial of 11" diameter in excellent physical condition. The case is in very good apparently original condition. The door glass has been replaced. The "lyre" pendulum is original to the clock and has a (typical) very small swing.

Mechanical: The Swiss movement, which is sealed in a dust-proof compartment is in excellent mechanical condition. It was professionally lubricated in 2022 and keeps precise time. Pretty good for an approximately 164 year-old mechanism!

Comments: These clocks are highly desired because of their understated elegance, but also because they will fit in any room without an appreciable footprint because of their shallow depth. They usually sell for $3,500+. We are fortunate to be able to offer this below market.

Regarding Shipping: You may pick up this clock directly. The upper portion above the base is separate from the base so it will fit easily in most SUV's. The upper section is approximately 55" long.

We can also arrange shipping with one of our blanket-wrap movers whom you would pay directly upon receipt.

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Front View
Right Side
Base Right
ght Behind Dial
hind Pendulum

English Pinwheel Standing Regulator



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