So, Why Buy Antique Clocks From Us?
Read what our customers say... it just keeps getting better!
(p.s. we don't write this stuff!)

The Clock Guy
Finds New Home
for Rare Clock

Following is a note from one of our clients, a noted collector of American clocks, after receiving this Seth Thomas #6
"Double-Time" Regulator

“The clock
was delivered today.

To say that I'm pleased and happy would be a gross understatement!
It's just a ‘perfect’ antique clock... I’d be hard-pressed to find enough superlatives.

Thanks for thinking of me.
It truly is a gem.”

Please let us
serve you, too!

Back to its Roots
An English village responds enthusiastically
to our service

Antique Clocks For Sale

In November, 2002 we arranged the sale of an English longcase clock to a couple who reside in the village where the clock was made nearly 200 years ago. The clock was shipped by DHL from Reno, NV to London, then trucked to its final destination in the village of Mattishall. Here's what the buyer had to say:

"The clock is up and running and looks well. It has caused quite a stir here in Mattishall. One or two people have come to look at it, and the village wish to put a piece in the local Newsletter about the clock returning to the village where it was made. Several people have come up with pieces about the clock and the maker which, of course, makes it very interesting.

Once again, thank you for your help in bringing this clock back to its roots."

Pretty cool, huh?

We aim to please!


Happy Gazo Consignor
..."Easy Peasy" she said!

"I first contacted The Clock Guy when a friend asked me to help liquidate her mother's estate, she had several clocks in her home and my friend and I just did not know what to do with them.

Richard, from The Clock Guy, was so helpful and very exact about what information he needed from me to sell the clocks. It didn’t take him long to locate a buyer from his database, arrange the shipping for me and send me payment. Easy, peasy. Thanks Richard.


Gazo "Chula Vista" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

...we should probably keep doing just what we're doing!

"It's here – looks really amazing. Wow!

I recently found Richard’s unique and informative site via a google search on a late Friday evening.  One gem caught my eye as I saw he had a rare Gazo La Costa for sale - and immediately sent him an email asking about its availability. This was on a Saturday. We briefly spoke on the phone. The very same day,
I quickly arranged for payment, and less than one week later - the Gazo was packed perfectly, shipped, and safely on its way across the nation (from CA) to my home collection in the Lone Star state. 

It's here – looks really amazing. Wow!

I highly recommend Richard as he is proactively communicative, super knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy – as he does exactly what he says – when he says he will do it. Rare qualities indeed these days!

I wish all of my other customer experiences were this effortless and amazing. 

I speak professionally about improving customer journey / experience and the importance of ease-of-doing-business, and will be referencing this unexpectedly memorable transaction with Richard in my upcoming webinars and speaking engagements as truly one of the best ever that I can remember. Simple. Fast. Effortless. Friendly. 

And - because I enjoyed this first experience - I now have a valid excuse to view his website often and search for other special treasures to acquire. I will surely spread the good word to many others, as well. 

Thank you, Richard!  It’s not often that I have such a genuinely memorable online sales experience - and it’s good to know that you value the importance of amazing customer service. 

Dallas, Texas 

Gazo "La Costa" Complete with Bullet Hole! ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Consignor of the Clock Above
...buy a clock from us and we'll share their "secret"!

"Dear Potential Consignors,

Just a note to you from a satisfied past consignor of The Clock Guy.

I had turned over my beloved Gazo clock just before Thanksgiving to The Clock Guy to find it a good home. After hanging on a wall in a law office for several decades it needed a little tuning up and some attention to its finish but was otherwise in very good condition.
Even though it was just before all of the holidays and in the middle of a Pandemic The Clock Guy came through and I received my check on the agreed amount within a few months.

As a bonus the new owner sounds very cool and has embraced a unique feature of my clock acquired many years ago that must remain a secret between me, The Clock Guy, and the new owner.

So in closing I would say you can have confidence in consigning your valued clock to The Clock Guy.



Gazo "La Costa" Complete with Bullet Hole! ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Eastlake Prize
...a clock on a shelf in a house with a smile!

"I purchased a beautiful nineteenth-century Eastlake-style clock, and the process was flawless. I saw the clock on the website only, but the photographs and descriptions on the website accurately communicated its condition. The clock arrived in a timely fashion to me in Salt Lake City packaged safely without any damage. 

– Josh"

Gilbert Amphion on Matching Mirrored Shelf

Happy Consignor Becomes Buyer
...a perfect case of role-reversal!

"I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Oliver twice. First in 2016 when he helped me downsize a large part of my clock collection and most recently this past month when he helped me purchase a beautiful Chelsea ships bell clock to add to my maritime collection.

Both times the experience has been outstanding in all respects. Professional and knowledgeable, but, to me, most importantly, honest and courteous. I could not have asked for a more memorable experience. 

– Jim"

Gazo "Bonita" in Oak ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Happy Consignor
...and off to a many-time Gazo buyer!

"Richard was extremely professional yet friendly from our first contact through the sale of my grandfather clock. He found a buyer in less than a week, and for a higher price than I could have gotten for it locally.

He kept in constant contact with me during some unexpected delays (wildfire here) in coordinating the delivery of the clock to its new owner, and remained patient and courteous throughout the entire (decontamination) process (his buyer, too!).

I recommend Richard without reservation. 

– Jennifer"

Gazo "Bonita" in Oak ~ Antique Clocks Guy

All Aboard (this is when she purchased)
...delighted repeat buyer – choo choo!

"Hi Richard,

I cannot thank you enough and tell you how much this means to me. I am ecstatic!! My husband was an engineer for the Santa Fe and then the BNSF for 37 years. His grandfather was an engineer as well in Wellington and probably saw that same clock.

This is a dream come true!! A perfect Valentine
and early birthday. Thank you so much. Bless you. 


(We found the very rare Seth Thomas Regulator No. 19 from the Santa Fe Railway with documentation that it came from the original station in the town where the buyer lives and where her family worked... amazing, and it's the second SFRY No. 19 that we've found and sold in less than a year!)

And This When She Received It:
...oh, my gosh we love these notes!

"We have purchased several clocks from Richard Oliver and always had a positive experience. The purchasing process has been flawless and totally trustworthy.

Richard is excellent about communicating and validates every step of the purchasing. The shipping company used treats each clock as
if it were their own and works hard to protect
and deliver the clock in perfect condition.

I would not hesitate to recommend
“The Antique Clock Guy” for your next clock purchase."

And Then The Consignor Chimed In:
...we take great care of both buyer and seller.

"I tried to sell this special clock on my own for
awhile. Richard contacted me and stated he had
a buyer. He obtained an offer for the clock which was higher than the other offer I had. The entire transaction was fast and simple. The clock is with the new owners now and I could not be more pleased!

Also Richard's choice for the delivery of the clock went perfect. The entire transaction was stress free.

Richard is the best in the business, period.
A lifetime of thank-yous from a lifetime customer.


Seth Thomas Santa Fe Railway Regulator No. 19 in Dark Oak ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Quick, Safe Delivery
...delighted (sleepy?) buyer!

"Hi Richard,

I was surprised to find the clock had been delivered when I arrived home today. I was expecting it Monday. Had to leave right away for some other duties, so I just now got the chance to open the box. I need to be in bed!

All is good! Great packing and I love this old clock! I’ll send you a picture when I decide where its permanent location will be in my home.
Thank you very much!


Seth Thomas "Chatham" Gallery Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Sonorous Note ~ Repeat Buyer
...mellow red, not yellow!


Got the clock. It worked out of the box
(really good packing). 

The bell chimes are wonderful – just what
I wanted. They are mellow and not loud and jarring like my other clock. The case looks beautiful. It sits in the front room and fits in wonderfully.

I'll buy again if I see an interesting clock.


Seth Thomas Adamantine Sonora 4-Bell Chiming Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Just Watchin' it Tick
...another multi-year search completed


I wanted to send you a note to say thank you,
and to ask if you would tell the consignor of the
E. Howard Regulator No. 72 thank you as well. It was worth the wait, and I am thrilled to have it.

As I sit here watching the clock run I am even more surprised than before that he would want to part with it, because it is just fabulous.

But it's okay with me because now I get to enjoy it and it represents the end of a many-years-long search on my part, and for that I am very grateful.


E. Howard Regulator No. 72 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Diggin' Our Logo Clock
...12-year search completed – now we match!

"Richard “The Clock Guy” is a very special type of person. Twelve years ago I contacted him, because the clock on his website (our logo) was the very rare clock that I was looking for - the German John Bull alarm clock. In all that time I only came across one other John Bull, which was at the Brimfield Mass "Mays" antique show, and that was only half of a broken clock.

But low and behold, twelve years later, I get a call from Richard that he has found my John Bull alarm clock. After several conversations Richard made the deal for me. His communication and perseverance were amazing.

Our Bi-coastal deal was completed today when I picked up my clock from UPS.

A true gentleman. I look forward to our next transaction.
Best wishes and many thanks,


Mauthe "John Bull" Alarm Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy


Mauthe "John Bull" Alarm Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy


Mate from Down Under
...always wanted, now safely "home"!

"Hi Richard:

The Seth Thomas #18 has arrived in good order and is working well in its new home, I am very happy with it, thanks again.

I have always wanted a Seth Thomas #18 to go with my other Seth Thomas clocks 

It was no problem at all for Richard to arrange secure packing and shipping to send the clock
all the way to Australia; I can highly recommend Richard if you are thinking to purchase a clock.
Thank you, Richard, much appreciated

Regards, Alan"

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 18 - Antique Clocks Guy

Inquiring Minds Need to Know
...golden rule always works best!

"Thank you Richard. I so appreciate your expertise and advice. You could have led me along and made $50. So thank you very much as I didn’t think people like you were around much in this day and age. It’s a credit to you Richard to hold such high integrity.

Thank you.

Kindest Regards,


(Her clock was not a match for our site, but we gave her some free advice about finding a "good home" for it.)

Client Eval Clock - Antique Clocks Guy

One, Two, Three Times Again
...delighted with clock and shipping!

"Richard I received my Waterbury No. 16 and i couldn't be more happy. This is the third clock that I have purchased from you and as always it was a pleasure. Your honesty and the way you conduct business is much appreciated.

The shipper, Matt with Total Transport, was very polite and professional. The clock was packed very well.

Looking forward to do business with you in the future.

Thank you,


Waterbury Regulator No. 16 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Herhaling, Wiederholen, Répéter
...in any language repeat (happy) client!

"Hello again, Richard.

Well it took us all afternoon and evening, but we finally got the clock together and running. It’s just a beautiful clock! We even have room for the top finial.

Thank you for your shipping referral. The clock was well protected and made the cross country trip very well. Matt was great to work with!

Thanks again Richard for your wonderful service. Through you we were able to acquire a very rare, sought after, and spectacular clock! It is well worth the price!

– Connie and Keith"

Seth Thomas Reguiator No. 15 Chiming ~ Antique Clocks Guy

That Deep South guy again
...do it right and they will come!

"Good Day Richard, First, I'd like to say I have the clock up and running like a charm. It is a very large fabulous clock, more than what I expected.

Matt is a wonderful, professional individual !!! I was very impressed on how he handled the item and his kindness. That is many miles of traveling, not too many people could do his job with such a professional attitude.

The Lord took my sister-in-law home without warning at a young age of 56, we were and are devastated, this only days before arrival of clock, it was extremely hard on us, so with that said, just FYI – this transaction went so smoothly with Matt, even at our most difficult time, it was and is so appreciated. Thank You.

Kind Regards,

– R J"

Seth Thomas "Jupiter ~ Antique CLocks Guy

Even museums need help
...happy to oblige!

"Richard came to my rescue when I was trying to interpret conflicting clues to date a Herschede Hall Clock that was offered as a donation to our popular historic mansion.

Once he determined that it was of the right era, I was able to accept the clock and add some life and beauty to our Entry Hall.

Thank you so much, Richard!!

– Janan Boehme

House Historian
Winchester Mystery House
San Jose CA "

Visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose CA

First-time purchaser
...but probably not the last time!

"Hi Richard,

Thanks for making this first time purchase for my wife on our anniversary such a great experience. I had been looking at a variety of clocks for her over a period of months, finally settling on a Seth Thomas Reg #2. After trying a number of local dealers I came across your website.

You had just sold your Seth Thomas Reg #2 from inventory and were in the midst of moving to a new home. Nonetheless, you offered up the clock you had hung in your office for the same price as the one on your website. I'm normally a bit cautious about transactions over the web, but your forthright candor, knowledge, and attention to detail put my mind at ease. In addition, offering your own office clock was an obvious sacrifice (even as a broker), and greatly appreciated.

I recall talking to the lady at the UPS Store and her comment that "...we take extra care with all of Richard's clocks." Indeed, when the clock arrived after an 1,800 mile trip it was in excellent condition, and just as beautiful as the photos you had provided.

We have hung the clock in our 1928 bungalow. The mahogany of the clock sets off nicely with the original wood of our living room. The clock keeps excellent time, and my kids enjoy using the second hand as a stop watch when they race around the house.

Needless to say the clock has been a hit with my wife (so far best anniversary present). We are looking forward to having another excuse to work with you on another purchase.

Thanks for everything.

– Josh"

Seth Thomas REgulator No. 2 in Mahogany ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Keeping the stars in alignment
...happy first-time (astronomical) buyer!

"Hi Richard,

Thanks Richard. I have attached a couple of photos, even though my photography skills are far from professional. The clock looks right at home in our dining room I think. I think it was well loved by the previous owner, and I'm proud to continue that.

Really, REALLY pleased with everything about this clock. Exactly as described on your website, and just beautiful, as you can see.

Thanks for being the "go-to-guy" for these really high quality antique clocks.


U.S. Clock Co Regulator "B" with Astronomical Dial ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Overcoming "oops"
...happy first-time buyer!

"Hi Richard,

Hope this note finds you well.

I wanted to let you know that we have gotten the Waterbury Calendar clock and it has been running great for a week. It truly is wonderful to have the clock hanging on the wall where we can see it every day.

We really appreciate the concern you showed for the damages that occurred in shipping [a part rattled loose inside] and for inding a reputable “clock guy” to make the repairs and get us up and running.

In addition, I wanted to thank you for finding Ashley for us. He is an awesome man and I have enjoyed spending time with him at his house and having an opportunity to see his collection of antique clocks.

Best Regards,


Waterbury Calendar No. 30 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

All done at the (wonderful) DMV!
...many-time very happy buyer!

"Hello Richard:

I'm sorry it took so long for me to send you this note, but I haven't had any business at the DMV lately so I've had no free time at all! We did receive the Ansonia Cabinet Antique clock actually a day earlier than the expected delivery date! I was able to surprise my husband with the clock the day before our anniversary. Since we were preparing for a trip out of town a few days later, I just didn't get the chance to drop you a note.

The clock arrived in wonderful condition as usual and is a very beautiful clock and it has been running very well. My husband was very happy with the clock as the Ansonia antiques have always been one of his favorites.

I really appreciated the quick turn-around time and you working so hard to get the clock out so quickly on such short notice especially considering you were in the middle of a move at the time. I guess next time I shouldn't wait so long to decide on my gift purchases!

I think that was the quickest turn-around time in ordering an antique clock! I picked it out on your website knowing it would be a fine clock and notified you and then you made arrangements to have it delivered that same day so I would have it in time to present to my husband for our 32nd wedding anniversary – and it actually arrived a day early! Who would've thought your day at the DMV would have been so productive!

Thanks, Richard, for such a fine clock and your exceptional customer service!

I hope you are finally settling in and enjoying your new home.

Thanks again!


Ansonia "Cabinet Antique" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Four clocks and (literally) countin' space here!
...another happy repeat buyer!

"Hi Richard,

The Clocks are magnificent! We just got home from Sun Valley for Christmas and I unwrapped them last night. The Scottsdale and Santa Maria are beautiful. The other two are “duplicates” for me just in case you have any ideas.

Thank you again. It was quite the adventure. Too bad its over!

All the Best..."

Gazo "Scottsdale" ~ Antique CLocks Guy


Gazo "Santa Maria" ~ Antique CLocks Guy

(file photos 2 of the 4)

Deep in the heart of Dixie
...happy repeat buyer!

"Good Afternoon Richard,

I recieved the clock intact, i am and was very impressed with UPS and their packing. They took this item seriously and did so with their packing. The case on this clock is unbelievable, just as the last clock purchased from you. I fianlly got it to my home and hung it up. Runs like a charm with first touch of pendulum... like the first clock purchased!

You sell the best of the best clocks! Thanks.

Kind Regards,

–R J"

Ansonia "Hanging Antique" in Mahogany ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"New York State of Mind"
...happy first-time buyer!

"Hi Richard:

I wanted to let you know that both my wife and I love the 30 day Seth Thomas. It arrived in New York in great shape and is keeping perfect time as you promised it would.

I also want to thank you for the personal service you provided in walking me through the unpacking process and start up procedure. You stayed right with me until the end. This was much appreciated, as I know very little about antique clocks, although after guiding me through it all I now know a lot more.

Thanks again,


Seth Thomas 30-Day Office Regulator ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"Gone with the wind, err, van"
...happy consignor... and happy repeat buyer!

"Greetings Richard:

Well, by now the big clock [Jas Wood Reg 8] should be at its new home or close to it if the buyer stopped for the night. The whole thing went well. He handled the movement and pendulum easily. The top section didn't come off the waist as expected... we think maybe the dowels were glued at some point. Whole thing was packed and padded in his van in about a hour.

I hated to see it go, but at the same time It's a relief not having it sitting over there in the empty house like it has been for the past thirteen years. We think it's good that it will be seen and appreciated now in the clock circles by those who understand just how special it is. Ma would like that!

Thanks again for setting the whole thing up the way you did, and for the bulletproof transfer of funds. All very professional. I'll be staying in touch with him in the future as he goes about cleaning and polishing the woodwork. Hell of a nice guy he is. And you are also.

As always, hoping this finds you well,

–Jack, Lois, and Bill"

James A. Wood, NY - Regulator No. 8 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"Up 'n Runnin'"
...first time happy buyer!

"Hello Richard:

Just wanted you to know that the Durfee clock is now set up and running. It really is a gorgeous clock and I want to thank you for all of your help and professionalism.


American Tallcase ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"First Time Buyer"
...closing in on perfect time on a 24" dial!


I rigged and hung the clock after we spoke last week. It's been running beautifully since, only gaining 8 seconds/day on the first try. Away for a week, it only gained a minute, and I'm happy I went with the 30-day. I've attached some pics.

On the speed control, I wanted to confirm that turning the key towards S slows the clock, whilst towards F increases the movement (we confirmed).



Seth Thomas 30-Day Gallery Clock with 24" Dial ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"Third Time Buyer"
...and fourth time coming (his words)!


Thanks for brokering a deal to get an UNbelievable Gazo clock. If you are thinking of purchasing a clock or barometer Richard is your guy. This is my third deal with him and he is a true professional.

Don't hesitate to do business with him. It doesn't get any better and if you need delivery, Matt is your man!

Thanks again,


(keep reading...)

"Second Time Buyer"
...equipped to understand the pressure!


Thanks for the accurate description of the barometer. It is exactly as described or even better.

I'm sure we will be doing business again.


Gazo Cambria Pines Barometer ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"A Satisfied Consignor"
...he moved and we moved Mom & Dad's clock!

"Hi Richard:

Anybody in this day and age who has tried to sell treasured family possessions has undoubtedly learned that times and tastes have changed. The markets for rare and beautiful specialty items such as fine furniture, Persian rugs, china, porcelain, and yes, even exquisite grandfather clocks, is so specialized now that you can’t just list them in your local newspaper or Craigslist and hope to find a buyer. In today’s world, it takes a true specialist who has the ability to market these kinds of items to smaller and hard-to-find lists of clientele. Such was the case when I wanted to part with my gorgeous Herschede clock.

I found Richard, “The Clock Guy”, to be a true professional and pleasure to work with. From our first conversations on the phone and by email, he made me feel comfortable, secure, and confident in handing over a treasured piece of family history to someone who would take care of it as if it were his own. Just as importantly, I also had the feeling that he would find a caring buyer who would give it a loving new home.

I’m obviously very pleased to recommend Richard, “The Clock Guy”, to anyone needing to sell their own clock. You can trust that Richard will be both fair and honest with you and that he will do all he can to satisfy your needs.


(keep reading...)

Herschede Model 250 "The Clock" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"A Satisfied Customer"
...and our most optimistic ever... almost 93!

"Dear Mr Oliver;

The Hershede Grandfather Hall clock I purchased from you is everything you claimed it was.

It arrived in a large truck completely wrapped up. The driver was very polite and helpful.

I was a bit reluctant to make a large payment without seeing the clock or ever having met you. It took a leap of faith for me but, after talking with you on the phone, I ordered the clock. As it turned out I need not have worried one minute.

The grandfather clock is like new even though it was manufactured in 1974. It is beautiful. Thank you very much for bringing the clock and me together.

If you have a customer who is reluctant about ordering from you, please refer them to me and I will give you my highest recommendation.

Thank you very much.


Herschede Model 250 "The Clock" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

The Collector Who Referred
...the two testimonials that follow this one!


Thanks again for working with me on the purchase of the Seth Thomas #18. This clock was exactly as you described and it keeps perfect time. For individuals who are not experts, like myself, your expertise is invaluable.

Your internet site is a must-visit if you are into collector clocks. I have recommended it to several of my clock friends. I am confident that, if they purchase a clock through you, they will be as satisfied as I am with my purchase through you.

Thanks again,


Seth Thomas Regulator No. 18 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Immediate Repeat Buyer
...loves this one, too!

"Good Morning Richard,

Got a text from Matt last night that he would be at my house at 6:30am Thursday. He arrived at my front door at exactly 6:30. The clock was packed very good and Matt was a real gentleman. Clock arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy. Look forward to doing business with you again.

Have a great day!


Gilbert Regulator No. 12 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

First-Time Buyer
...loves it!

"Hey Richard,

I couldn't be more happy. It arrived in perfect shape and looks beautiful in our home.



p.s. he also referred us to a neighbor who purchased another large regulator from us!

Welch Regulator "D" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Comfortable Buyer
...apprehension gonzo!

"Hey Richard,

The clock is set up and running perfectly. I was a little apprehensive about buying a clock that had to be shipped so far. But I knew the minute I saw it, I had to have it. Thank you for the great care you took in packing. The entire experience, from purchase to delivery, was a pleasure.



Gazo XG-F ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Comfortable Consignor
...his clock finds a "good home"

"Dear Richard,

Thank you for your help in finding a new home for my Gazo clock. It was a pleasure to work with you as you worked efficiently and quickly to complete the transaction. It was important to me that the Gazo went to a home where it would be appreciated as well as to handle the financial details. I will remember you and your web site in the future.



Gazo XG-F ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Former NAWCC President Speaks
...and we are encouraged and humbled


Your meticulous presentation of clocks for sale is exemplary. I've seen everything in my 48 years of collecting, and your approach is as good as it gets.


Visit NAWCC.org ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Repeating Client
...already saving up for the next one (#4)


I can’t express to you how happy I am with my third clock purchase from you – the Gilbert #10.
It is over and above your online description – STUNNING!

Here’s to saving up for clock number 4….. which
I already have my eyes on. Thanks again – it’s
an absolute pleasure doing business with you.


Gilbert Regulator No. 10 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Major Art Dealer,
Downsizing Personal Estate
...so we went to visit them in L.A


We met a wonderful couple. They are warm, friendly and very professional.

We had no hesitation letting Richard broker our transaction.

Your knowledge, experience and general expertise in the area of clocks is unsurpassed.

We would be very confident to recommend Richard to any of our friends.

Many thanks,

Brenda and Isaac
Los Angeles, CA"

NOTE: Their monumental Tiffany treasure will now be resplendent in a beautiful home in Mumbai India.

Monumental Tallcase Clock by JJ Elliott, London, signed "Tiffany" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

First-Time Customer
...a passion to learn and a cooperative seller!


The clock arrived today. What a beauty. My wife and I are excited to get it up and running.

Do you know where I could get a copy of the original manual? (I wouldn't be surprised if that's not possible, but you never know.) The main thing is I'd like to get have information on its care and operations, whether elaborate or simple. I've never owned a weight-drive clock before.

Should I wait until it's mounted before starting the mechanism? Could you tell me how to hang the weight? Is the winding crank used to set the time and/or raise the weight? Do you suggest treating the wood with anything, or leaving well enough alone? How often does it need to be serviced? Is there anything that you can think of that I should know?



p.s. we helped them (and we'll help you)!

Seth Thomas Office Regulator No. 9 Wt-Driven ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Open Communication
...with a repeat customer


We are very pleased with the clock. The consistent communication from you is valued being returning customers. We know that you are a very reputable dealer and value the relationship established with us as customers. The expertise shared is important to us. We enjoy doing business with you.

All the best,


Seth Thomas Regulator No.6 in Walnut with Raised Backboard ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Squared Away!
...like father, like son

We received a call from a fellow with a name that sounded familiar. Turns out his dad in a different state had also just purchased a clock from us!

"Richard it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I again thank you for all the extra work you did in packaging the clocks. I will continue to keep on eye on your website for new clocks.

I received clocks yesterday and they are on the wall running! I am very pleased, thank you.

Have a great day!


Two Dudes and a Van
...and a perfect acquisition!

"Working with you has been a very pleasant experience for me. Feel free to use me as a reference if you wish to do so. I would be happy to share with a potential client my very positive experience with you and the exemplary level of service you provided.

Thank you for your involvement with this acquisition process. Your assistance at every step of the process was critical to my ability to acquire such a fine and impressive grandfather clock. The information on your website was very descriptive and accurate. You expeditiously answered in great detail my many questions. This was the first time I have ever purchased a clock of this caliber and I would not have attempted such a purchase had it not been for your assistance.

The almost perfect condition of the clock was exactly as you described and the owners were very nice, helpful, and informative about the history of the clock. I would without hesitation use your services again or recommend you to friends and family who may wish to make a similar purchase.

Your guidance and recommendations regarding shipping were extremely helpful. Consequently, our movement of the clock a distance just over 1,200 miles was without incident. Without your support the experience would have been much less pleasant. A lot of unexpected things could have happened but your experience and recommendations helped me avoid any problems.

Thank you for the time you spent working with me so that I could obtain such a wonderful grandfather clock for my home. I am deeply grateful for your assistance at all levels of this endeavor and now I am reminded every 15 minutes of how blessed I am.

Most respectfully,


Replacing Grandma!
...her clock, that is

"Hello Richard,

Thank you so much for your time on the phone
this afternoon. I appreciate your taking the time
to listen to my story about my grandparents' clock. 
I also appreciate your tutorial on chimes. I didn't know the chime I grew up hearing for so many years was called "Westminster".

Your website is beautifully presented, and is a pleasure to read. It's easy to see why you're
"The Clock Guy". It's obvious that you know and love your subject.

With best regards,


First-Time Customer!
...already a repeater


The 'Arch Top' clock arrived in excellent condition yesterday afternoon. I am well pleased and looking forward to receiving the "Music & Poetry" clock in the near future.



Seth Thomas "Arch Top" Shelf Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Stennes Rocks!
...at least in this household

"Good afternoon Mr. Oliver,

Wendy delivered the clock earlier than expected due to some changes in her delivery schedule. She’s a very nice young lady. We enjoyed meeting her. I would certainly recommend her to your future customers.

The clock arrived as advertised and is happily ticking away in our living room. Took me about 30 minutes to unpack it and set it up. Everything was there — we appreciate your very professional packing of the clock and its bits and pieces.

Kind Regards,


note: this is a rocking ship clock

Seth Thomas "Double-Time" Regulator 6 Railroad Clock in Walnut  ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Railroad Heaven!
...exceeded expectations again

"Dear Richard:

Just a short note to inform you that the great Seth Thomas "Double-Time" Railroad Clock arrived safely. This clock is just impeccable in every way with original finish to the beautiful walnut case, old glasses, and both old and original porcelain local time and railroad time plaques below each dial.

This rare regulator clock exceeds our expectations, and the blanket wrapped delivery process from CA was flawless – just as you described.

This is our 3rd clock purchased from you and once again you always deliver a quality vintage timepiece for our collection.

Thanks again"

Seth Thomas "Double-Time" Regulator 6 Railroad Clock in Walnut  ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Major Collector Speaks Up!
...tellin' it like it is, without braying

I just wanted to say how well your site is set up for ease of use and your write ups and info is second to none sir! Some of these half a-- sites people have are just not very professional to say the least.

Oh Canada!
...comfortable repeat buyer

"I have been a customer of Richard’s for several years. I am impressed with the quality of his clocks and particularly his care in international shipping.

I recently bought a longcase regulator from Richard. It is a really impressive addition to my collection and arrived in perfect condition.

As a Canadian buyer, I have no hesitation in working with Richard Oliver. He is a great communicator and I trust him to deliver great clocks in great condition at a fair price."

Charles Rogers NY Astronomical Regulator with Mercurial Pendulum ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Gustav Rocks!
...even friends and neighbors agree


The clock is beautiful and has received many compliments from our friends and neighbors... keeps great time, too.

We really enjoy the regulator-style clocks and will be reviewing your site frequently to check out your new additions. Thanks again for working with us on this purchase and we'll definitely do business again soon!

Take care,


Vienna Regulator by Gustav Becker ~ Antique Clocks Guy

From the Northern Great Lakes
...worry and trouble-free


I am sending this to share with anyone who may be reluctant about either dealing with someone long distance or even sending payment ahead of time.

We are about as far from California as one could be, here in Northern Michigan. We purchased a clock valued at $11,000. Payment was made and we waited til transport was going to be coming this way. We were kept informed as to time of shipment, received clock in perfect condition. Clock was packed well, all parts were marked well, transport was very careful as to handling of our new clock.

Richard was not only honest but, very professional and reasonable in comparison to others listing same clock. I would recommend to anyone that might be reluctant in buying a clock from Richard feel at ease, his expertise will give you peace of mind. He has been doing this for quite some time.

Thank You Richard for a trouble-free purchase.

Northern Michigan"



Herschede Pattern 247 "Edinburgh" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Repeat the Sounding Joy!
...better than expected


The clock arrived today and it's so much nicer in person. Not that the pictures were bad but they just don't do it justice. Look forward to working with you again.



Seth Thomas "Marcy" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

A Note from Jupiter!
...err, make that Jupiter buyer

"All set up! Running 'like a clock', as they say. Looks great. Thanks for your help through all of this.



Seth Thomas "Jupiter" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Musing on His New Clock
...and ready to do it again

"Very satisfied with the clock. Feel it was exactly as represented. If you find another of this or higher quality, I might be a prospect."

Ansonia "The Muses" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

From Florida with Love!
...delighted camper


I just returned from my home up north back to my residence in Florida. So I am just seeing the clock for the first time. It is every bit as beautiful as it was pictured and you described.



E. Howard Regulator No. 71 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Repeat Hitter!
...looking forward to yet another

"Hi, Richard –

Once again the clock arrived unscathed.

After wrestling with styrofoam peanuts for a while, I hung the new 'Marcy' and got it ticking along just fine.

Thank you so much for your great service.

I sincerely look forward to our next business!

All the best,


Herschede Model 250 – "The Clock" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

All's Well in Hong Kong!
...safe and sound

"Dear Richard

It is almost four months since I got Herschede 250 clock.

The clock was packed very professional. Nothing lost and nothing damage when it reached me.

The clock is keeping very excellent time and strike hour and three chimes always bring us a wonderful music sound. All of my family love this beautiful clock!

It is very fair and reliable to do deal with you. I am very willing to do business with you again.

Thank you very much from Hong Kong!"

(there is a note below from the consignor)

Herschede Model 250 – "The Clock" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

First-Time Buyer
...more to come

"Yes, it has arrived. Again I want to thank you. You are an honest man of both the highest character and integrity and that is rare to find these days. You can be assured of my continued patronage."

Gilbert "Latona", a knockoff of the popular Seth Thomas "Garfield" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

First-Time Buyer
...flawless and impeccable... our favorite words!

"I recently purchased a clock for the first time from Richard. The clock was expensive, and since it was the first time I ever dealt with Richard, it was easy to be a little apprehensive.

I have to say every aspect of this purchase went FLAWLESSLY! Richard’s communications were excellent and his description/pictures of the clock were 100% accurate.

When I received the clock (which was packed and shipped superbly), I was even more pleasantly surprised than I thought I’d be – it is in IMPECABLE condition and is just a beautiful piece.

Richard is truly a person of honesty and integrity and I would recommend him to anyone who asks.

–Paul... & Christine"

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 - Later Version ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ticked on... not off!
...excellent buying experience

"This was the first time that I spent $1000 on a clock. Mostly I’m a pocket watch collector but I wanted a nice carriage clock. I found one at the Antique Clocks Guy. I bought a French carriage clock that was exactly what I was looking for.

It was professionally packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I wound it up and it didn’t tick right away. After speaking with Richard I found, like some pocket watches, you give the clock a gentle twist by the handle and that starts the balance motion.

This was an excellent buying experience and I would recommend that anyone interested in purchasing an antique clock to take a look at the selection on Richard’s website. (The clock is chiming as I write.)

Thanks very much,


French Carriage Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Repeat Buyer
...planning already for the next generation!

"The clock is up and running. It is great American piece of workmanship.

Thank you and please tell the seller, 'thanks,' and I will take care and pass on someday for someone else to enjoy.

Thanks Mr. Oliver,


Seth Thomas "Garfield" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Hid from his Wife
"...she would have thought I was crazy!"

"Hello Richard,

We’ve had the clock for over a month now and love it!

This is my first clock and I have to admit I was a little bit hesitant before I ordered it. When I went to the bank my personal banker was very concerned and he cautioned me against depositing a cashiers check to the account of a distant 'web storefront'. I definitely hid the process from my wife as she would have thought I was crazy.

However, i have worked in a small business before and know about collections, bad checks, credit-card fees, etc. and your deep knowledge of clocks rang true to me when we spoke. It was also helpful that you clearly described the shipping process and sent numerous email updates until the clock arrived - I think it arrived less than a week after we deposited the payment.

The shipping firm was also very helpful and were flexible about working within the delivery schedule. I was worried about how a clock with 120 year old glass would arrive, but it was double packed (bubble wrap for the kids!) and it arrived in perfect condition. It is beautiful and we have received a lot of interest and numerous compliments from friends.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and I appreciate your knowledge, honesty, and integrity.

Thanks again.

Scottsdale, AZ"

Seth Thomas City Series "Santa Fe" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Not Shady – What We Like Hearing
...and an hour to extricate from great packing!

"Hello Richard,

I received the Kroeber model 31 and it is just a GREAT clock.

It made the trip from California to Ohio without incident. It was packed so well that it took me over an hour to get it from the box to the wall.

I thank you so much for the special care you took to pack such a low-priced clock (compared to what you are used to selling). You took the time to pack it as if it were worth thousands of dollars.

Also, thank you for being such an honest man, on the phone and in your emails!

There are a lot of shady clock sellers out there in the world of clocks and I am glad to report that you are not one of them.

I look forward to doing business in the future.

Best Regards,


Kroeber Regulator No. 13 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Very Rare Tall Drinka' Water
...safe and sound in its new digs

"Hello Richard:

The Ansonia swinger (Arcadia) and its stand arrived today. Thank you for your help in arranging shipping. Craters and Freighters did a great job.

The clock is beautiful, swinging and ticking away in our front room. We are very happy with the clock and the services you provided.

Thank you,


Ansonia "Arcadia" Swing-Arm Clock on Original Ansonia Base ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Chelsea folks love their Chelseas
...complete with "house strike"

"The clock is a real beauty, this adds uniqueness to my Chelsea clock collection.

I was a little worried when I sent the check, but I am happy with this clock; again, thank you.


Chelsea "The Boston" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

St. Pat's Day Postin' – from Ireland
...Aye, laddie, an' we be thankin' ya!


I just want to share the great experience of buying a clock from a distance of over 4,000 miles. It was a little tricky to organise payment from my end, but once it was sorted the rest of the transaction was a doddle. I never had any concern about sending money to someone I did not know as I was satisfied from the communication at the outset that these people were reputable and serious about their business.

The clock was so well packaged I was exhausted by the time I had all the wrapping off! The clock is beautiful and exactly like advertised and I think reasonably priced and more important authentic (not a cheap reproduction). It is now merrily ticking away and keeping good time and enjoying its new surroundings.

I love clocks I also appreciate first class professional clock people who supply them.

Thanks again."

Ansonia "Juno" Swing-Arm Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Repeat Customer
...Keeps coming back to the well


Just finished hanging the Seth Thomas "Bottom-Bell' Ship's Bell Clock What a beauty!!!

The bell strike is awesome and so far it is very accurate. As usual, the packing and shipping was great with the clock arriving in perfect condition.

I cannot believe how you locate these beautiful, pristine clocks and describe them so accurately.
They ALWAYS arrive in as good (or better) condition than I expected.

I have NEVER been disappointed in any of my purchases, over the last 10 years, and hopefully
will be able to add to my collection in the near future!!

Thank you Richard for your professional, honest business relationship. You will be hearing from me again real soon!


Chelsea "Commander" with "Special" Dial ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Hawaii Speaks
...Chelsea collector adds to his collection

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the Commander arrived and is happily ticking away. It’s a beautiful clock and I’m extremely happy with it."

Chelsea "Commander" with "Special" Dial ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Saskatoon Speaks
...Canadian wife surprises her husband!

"My husband absolutely loved the clock (he ended up opening his present early because he couldn't wait).

He thought it was beautiful and impeccably restored. It currently sits in our bedroom now where its ticking could lull us both to sleep; he swears that he sleeps better these days upon receiving it.

Thank you very much for all of your help and prompt responses when I was looking for the perfect gift for him, as well as assuaging my worries about the antique's authenticity - the documentation you provided certainly helped."

French Carriage Clock with Silver Trimmings ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Handsome Addition
...and now he knows what day it is!

"The Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar Clock No. 4 which I purchased from you was received on time, well packaged and undamaged, and has been running well since its arrival. It has proven a handsome addition to my home, and I intend upon buying another clock from you in the near future.

Thank you for your prompt service."

Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar No. 4 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Repeat Gazo Buyer
...now he can track storms in Vegas!

"Wanted to let you know the barometer has arrived safely. I must say those folks at UPS do one heck of packing job."

Gazo "Cambria Pines" Barometer ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Delighted Consignors!
...help in the midst of the storm

Note: This family's elderly mom was struck and killed while crossing an intersection in her rural community on a Thursday. We picked up the clock the following Monday and shortly it was on its way to Hong Kong to a "good home".

"In a tragic whirlwind we only had a few days in California to plan a funeral for New Jersey and liquidate a home; we, fortunately, came across The Clock Guy, Richard Oliver. We had never heard of nor met Richard before we found his website on-line late one Saturday night. He responded immediately to our email. On Monday he came as promised to inspect The Clock Model 250. He offered a fair priced consignment deal to us. As he immediately took the clock for cleaning and consignment, we hoped he would be as good as he appeared, and he was. He kept us updated by email on the cleaning, selling, and payment of the grandfather clock. He promptly paid us as we had agreed. We would recommend and consign with him again. He is very professional and considerate."

(there is a note above from the buyer in HK)

Herschede Model 250 – "The Clock" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Housekeeper Beware!
...private eyes are watching you

“Hi Richard!!

I've been meaning to write you. We just put the clock in a temporary location this past weekend. It took this long to get the clock running because we are terrorized by a clumsy housekeeper! So it has been running since Saturday and keeps perfect time (like you said). I love the clock and so does my husband. It is a fun clock to watch and it is beautiful as well. 

I have to admit that i was very nervous about sending a fairly large amount of money to a stranger with a clock website located on the other side of the country. But after receiving the clock I could not be more pleased. You have been very reasonable and nice in working out any issues I might have had in purchasing the clock and in instructing me in the proper way to assemble the clock.

The cost for properly packaging the clock was high (NOTE: because of its very fragile nature, this clock was shipped in a special foam-in-place container).  However, the service did a great job packaging the clock. My husband likes the crate the clock came in almost as much as the clock itself.  :)  My fragile clock came in perfect condition!

Thank you.


Ansonia "Huntress" Swinging Arm Clock ~ Antitque Clocks Guy

Happy Camper
...on the hunt again, already!


Just received the Howard 59. It is a beauty. Thanks for all your help. I'm looking for a Seth Thomas # 60 if you know of one available.




Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

E. Howard Regulator No. 59 (46") ~ Antitque Clocks Guy

Always Nice to Hear
...again, the pleasure's all ours!

“Thanks very much for your help Richard! If you ever need a testimonial to your commitment to your customers please let me know! 



Gazo La Mesa in Alder ~ Antique Clocks Guy

A Double Serving
...the pleasure's all ours!


I received the 2 clocks I ordered from you, the Howard Davis #1 banjo and the Seth Thomas #1 office calendar.

Both clocks were in excellent condition as you described in your e-mail and pictures.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

Howard & Davis Regulator No. 1 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 1 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

"I get by with a little help
from my friends!"

Sometimes in life we never know in advance that what seemed like a little kindness from us is perceived by the recipient as a very big gesture. We're blessed by the opportunity to serve others!

(click the letter to the right to read)

A Thank-You Note from a Special Lady ~ Antique Clocks Guy

A Little Help Makes Big Waves
...Mahalo and all that!

“Hi Richard,

I wanted to thank you for being the start of my fixing my 1976 Gazo grandmother (The Rancho Bernardo) clock. I live on Maui and there are no repair people here.

A part had broken (my fault) and after many hours of research, starting with your page and the TimeSavers.com parts page, I got the proper part and today it is fixed. I now know more about suspension springs, pendulum leaders than is necessary.
Again, Mahalo (Thank you) for getting me on the right track to get this clock working.


Need Clock Parts? Contact TimeSavers.com

Gazo "Rancho Bernardo" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Happy First-Time Customer
...got it together


The Seth Thomas No. 1 Extra arrived yesterday in good shape – thank you for this great clock.

I've got the weights and pendulum all put together.

Thank you again – bye for now. 




Seth Thomas No. 1 Extra ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Gazing at His Gazo
...longing for another


Thanks so much. Just received my clock. Wow. Super. Makes me want the (Gazo) San Gabriel even more. Thanks.



Early Model Gazo Mission Bay ~ Antique Clocks Guy

USPS Clock Delivered by UPS!
...another happy camper


Very pleased with my clock – they did a great job in packing for shipment!



Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 in Oak ~ Antique Clocks Guy

High-5 Fashion
...delighted first-time customer

“I have to praise Mr. Oliver at clockguy.com. Though previously never dealing with, or purchasing a clock from Mr. Oliver, I purchased a Fashion Calendar No. 5 and I have to say that Mr. Oliver‘s word is absolutely golden.

The clock is everything as advertised and more. Got it up and running with no problems at all. The packing was absolutely phenomenal with not even a scratch on the clock.

It seems these days a man’s words are not always that reliable, but Mr. Oliver’s words at clockguy.com are, shall I say, ‘you can take it to the bank.’ In the future I will be purchasing more clocks from Mr. Oliver as time goes on. Thanks so much for the clock.



Fashion Calendar Clock Co. No. 5 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas comes through
...once again with flying colors

"Hello Richard

I want to thank you for the excellent transaction. I love my new clock. I hung it up on Monday and it sprang to life immediately with no problems. It appears to be keeping very accurate time. Thanks again.


Seth Thomas 18" Gallery Clock in Cherry ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Repeater that is not a watch
...Happy client back for more


Just wanted to drop you a note! I finally was able to find the time to unpack the clocks today and they are excellent!!! Thanks for working with me on these, they will make great additions to my collection.

The barometer is equally awesome. I've wanted one of these for a long time but till now haven't been at the right place at the right time.

Thanks again."



One clock serving many
...in the lobby of an extended-care facility


Our clock looks and sounds wonderful in its spot! We had a grand time at our opening and we are now getting settled in with our new residents who started moving in last week. Thanks again for your help in getting the clock to us in a timely fashion.


Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

This customer subsequently purchased two more of the same clock for other new facilities they opened.

Gazo "Rancho Santa Fe" in Alder ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Set up and ticking away
...another clock for a repeat customer

"The clock was delivered today. I have it set up and running and it looks great. Thanks for everything."

Welch Regulator No. 5 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

San Juan Bautista
...How do you spell B.I.G.?


The Gazo San Juan Bautista in Alder clock finally arrived and appears to be in great condition.

A local clock service person was already over to service and help get the clock setup & running.

Just cannot get over its size and I really like the unique oval cartouches on the dial.

I also appreciate your assistance in dealing with the shipper, when they ran into some logistical issues.

I would definitely do business with you again. Thanks for the professional service!


Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

...and from the consignor

"Richard, you were so wonderful during this whole process. I miss the clock, but I am glad it is in a loving place!

Thank you!



Gazo "San Juan Bautista" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Our Reference Library is a hit, too
...appreciative "Googler"


Thank you so very much for having established such an excellent website regarding clocks! With every attempt at locating information via Google regarding the Gazo Angelino clock, your website pops up. That is a testament as to the quality of your presence on the web!

I am attempting to locate documentation regarding the Gazo Angelino clock as shown on your website. So far, no luck. Is there any such documentation available?


Everything from original catalogue pictures (like you see to the right) and drawings, to how things work, to history of many clock-related companies may be found in our Antique Clocks Reference Library.

Check it out!

Gazo "Angelino" - Original Catalogue ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Mountain Home Delight
...Gazo finds wonderful home on the ranch

"The clock is running great and we LOVE it. Thank you again for all your efforts. I hope your friend ended up okay.

Have a great New Year!


Gazo "Rancho Bernardo" in Oak ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Still collecting after all these years
...major Gazo collector adds yet another prize

"Clock arrived Saturday as advertised. It looks great! Same guy that picked it up from you. I was very pleased with their service.



Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo "Carmel" with Ave Maria Chimes ~ Antique Clocks Guy

...Mick Jagger couldn't have said it better

"Hi Richard,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful buying experience!

The Seth Thomas Regulator #2 arrived yesterday afternoon. I must say the packing job was amazing. While it may have taken me about twenty minutes to actually get to the clock, the care and attention to detail by the packer were well worth it. The clock made the journey to the East Coast completely unscathed.

The condition of this #2 is absolutely amazing and a welcome addition to the house!

I've just returned from 1-year overseas and this was a gift to myself. Everything went smoothly and I couldn't be happier. I believe there will be additional acquisitions in the future.

Again, thanks for a great buying experience.


Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 in Oak ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Serpents Delight!
...unusual annular clock; seasoned collector

"Just a note to let you know that the clock was received today in great condition. Thanks to both you and the UPS Store for a great job of packing.


French "Annular" Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Doubly Happy
...likes the "gatekeeper" concept

Believe me, Richard, I am very cautious about from whom I buy. My wife is even more so. I told her that the best I can do is investigate as much as possible and rely on gut instincts. I know there are some highly skilled con artists out there (Bernie Madoff at the extreme for example), but at some point in assessing the risks, one has to move or be forever paralyzed with inaction.

Take yourself for example. I read your entire web site and concluded that it would be difficult to make that up whole cloth. I spent some time searching the web for information about you and found nothing negative (disgruntled folks usually find some avenue to vent their issues). I noted your writing the introduction to Tran Duy Ly's books. Finally, despite a lingering anxiety that I was making a mistake, I swallowed my concerns and made the commitment.

So here we are. While I haven't received the clock yet, I am now comfortable that I have found a person who not only is a good source for quality clocks, but more importantly is someone who is trustworthy.


I'm not sure how, exactly, I found Richard Oliver. Probably I was surfing the web looking for something clock-related and stumbled across his site. Intrigued by the clocks there and possibly interested in a purchase, I needed to find out more about him and his professional integrity. After all, buying high-value clocks on the Internet (or anything else for that matter) can be a high risk endeavor and a good deal of caution is required.

I checked him out from a distance in every way I could. I read his entire Web site (a fascinating experience) and even at one point talked with his parakeet Joplin (I'm not kidding - read his site to better understand this). Everything led me to the conclusion that one, he was a person with an in-depth knowledge of clocks, and two, he was an honest man.

So, I made the leap and purchased a Waterbury Regulator #3, and shortly thereafter a Seth Thomas Garfield. Both clocks arrived via UPS well-packed and without a scratch.

I'm more than satisfied - I'm delighted.

Now I keep a close watch on Richard's ever-changing site to see what other interesting clocks become available. With Richard as a gatekeeper, I know they will good and fairly priced. Plus, you never know when you'll need to have a clock that you weren't aware you had to have!


Waterbury Regulator No. 3 ~ Antiquie Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas "Garfield" Weight-Driven Shelf Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy


Southern CA to NY
...treated like a king

"The clock does look drop-dead gorgeous. I love the case, the trimmings, the crown, the weights and the pendulum. I have not started it yet. I spent about an hour polishing the weights and the pendulum and restoring that wonderful bright luster of the brass.

By the way, thanks for the neat and secure packing of the accessories. Everything is accounted for. And, as mentioned, the shipper performed just fine; no scuffs, no cracked glass. Everything seemed fine.

The only remaining concern will be to see if the gongs all work and that nothing was knocked out of sync and that the mallets remain in proper position after all of the vibrating from the road trip, something that is inevitable during such a long haul. If I have any questions, can I call you? I promise, I won’t be a pest.

Again, thanks for your follow-up, and thanks for all of your support that went into making this transaction a very positive experience. As I mentioned earlier on in this sale, even though I only spent $2,600, you treated me like I bought a 50 grand Durfee! I appreciate that.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be in touch soon.


Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo "Rancho Bernardo" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Happy Camper
...Loving son brings Christmas tears to dad

"Hi Richard

My son bought me a Herschede Model 250 for Christmas. What a surprise! (Yes, it made a 61 year old grown man cry.) It was touching and thoughtful beyond belief. I was totally surprised as he had it set up in my office with the door closed for Christmas present wrapping while I was at work. My wife bought me an iMac for Christmas so I would agree not to go into my office as they “figured” I would assume they were setting up the new computer. (Quite a deception gift!!!)

I have followed your site for years and hoped someday to acquire either “The Clock” or a Wellington (any of the models 246-248) someday. Someday arrived for me yesterday. I love American stuff built by hand and especially love the sound, look, and construction of the Herschedes.

Had my son asked I would have told him to go to your website. Maybe he and my wife talked about it. He indicated you were very thoughtful and helpful, for which I thank you.

My son told me the former owner was a jeweler who cared for the clock tremendously. My son indicated the owner packed it himself and was very specific with the movers so it would be transported safely. The clock arrived safely and it awaits assembly and servicing.

I am one lucky dad.


Herschede Model 250 "The Clock" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Loved his 15th Anniversary
...Rare clock brings (nervous) buyer smiles


I want to thank you for being a respectable and trustworthy businessman, which I can say now that I have possession of the subject clock. I must admit I was a little nervous (as) a first time buyer who had (thousands) invested until it arrived, but once it was delivered I felt much better. The clock arrived in excellent condition and the guys from the trucking company were very courteous and efficient during delivery. Please extend my appreciation to their home office.



Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

Rare Gazo 15th Anniversary Tallcase Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Helping the helpers
...Site Reference Library assists technician

"Dear Richard,

I have been repairing clocks on and off since 1971, but I was recently stumped by the chiming sequence of a six-tube Jacques movement. I found the notes and heard the melody on your terrific website.

Just wanted to write to thank you personally. Please visit my very modest site when you have an opportunity.

With kind regards,


Charles Jacques 6-Tube Movement with Trinity Chimes - Antique Clocks Guy

How the north wind blows
"...a stunning piece of functional art"

"This Remember “Northwind” is such a stunning piece of functional art that adds warmth to my favorite room! It is everything I thought it would be, and it keeps perfect time right out of the box. The packaging from UPS was very professionally done, and all arrived safely and exactly on time. Very happy with this wonderful piece and brokering services.

Many thanks,


Grand Sonnerie Vienna Regulator by Remember ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Major calendar clock collector
...many-time repeat customer

"Great clock! Arrived in perfect condition! Now hanging on the wall looking elegant!

Thanks so much Richard.


Ithaca Brisbane ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Better than expected
...from a new customer/major collector

"Got the clock this morning at 7:00 AM. A real nice man delivered it that was very complimentary of you and your business. The clock is better than I expected!!!!!!! Good job. Find me a #3 @ a reasonable price. Thanks again!"

Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

... and a note from the consignor, who recently lost her husband, a major collector:

"Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work. I really appreciate all the help you have been giving me."

Howard & Davis Regulator No. 2 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

An analogy only a CPA would make
...from a repeat customer

"Just got home and saw the clock (for the first time). It was still running!

Looks great on our fireplace mantel.

Runs like a pickle-seeder."

(REMEMBER: You heard it here first!)

Chelsea "Commodore" with Special Dial ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Previous client buys again
...and shares our story with a new prospect!

"Hello Richard,

Yes, she did contact me and I told her we had purchased four of your clocks now, the first in 2005/6? and were very satisfied with all of them. All beautiful clocks and arriving in wonderful condition. I'm glad I was able to help with her decision. I'm sure she will be very happy with her clock!!

Our Seth Thomas Regulator #6 (cherry finish) arrived last week in excellent condition. My husband was very thrilled to have the clock and the finish looks beautiful with the cherry furniture in our bedroom. We believe it is a very unique finish for this particular clock which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Thank you so much for offering such wonderful clocks and for overseeing that the clocks arrive so promptly and in such great condition. We have never once had any problems with the shipment of your clocks to us.

It is nice to know that after making such a purchase we can trust that the clocks will arrive safely and free from any damage!

We will treasure the clocks for years to come!!

Thanks again Richard!! I'm sure my husband will continue to keep his eye out for more beautiful clocks offered on your website.


Mama always told us sharing is a beautiful thing!

Unusual-to-Find Seth Thomas Regulator No. 6 in Cherry ~ Antique Clocks Guy

A seller's reference
...the best "rest of the story"

Sent a note to a customer:

"Hi Tom: Received a call this morning from your friends Tom & Katherine seeking a clock similar to yours, and just wanted to thank you for the referral."


"You bet Richard. We are really enjoying our clock."

Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

English Longcase Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

A buyer's happy gaze
...this couple waited years for "just right"!

"Just a quick note to let you know how nice it is to deal with an 'honest' person in today’s business world… what an unexpected luxury!

Now for the John Heaton grandfather clock that we just purchased from you. We cannot put into words how impressed we are with this clock… I don’t even know where to begin. This clock is between 230-250 years old, got shipped over 2,000 miles, is standing in our home and looks more beautiful than any grandfather clock I have seen at antique stores that are half its age.

I just stare at it and am thankful we waited till 'just the right one' came along. And just as you promised, it runs like a charm (once we hung the pendulum correctly, oooppss). I will continue to look at your website for more clocks, and next time won’t even give it a second thought, because I know what you sold is what will arrive! Thank you again...

–Jerry & Louise"

Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

English Longcase Clock Signed "John Heaton, Bierley" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

The consignor's delight
...almost couldn't let it go!


Thanks for getting a new and good home for our clock. It has been a pleasure to put it into your hands with confidence that you produce what you promise. When I saw the Heaton clock in your home, I was again impressed with its beautiful proportions and construction – almost took it back with me – and I trust that the buyer responded to those same things also. Best wishes,


Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

English Longcase Clock Signed "John Heaton, Bierley" ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Wij houden van onze klok van Delft!
...(We love our Delft clock!)

"Hello Richard,

We received the Royal Bonn/Delft clock and are delighted with it! In purchasing over one hundred clocks, we have received only one other that was this well packed and prepared, a Lenzkirch from Germany.

Many heartfelt thanks for your great service. I am sure all your customers are as well pleased as we are.


Ansonia Royal Bonn "La Normandie" Delft ~ Antique Clocks Guiy

Surfin' the big one to Hawaii
...111 inches? like, awesome, dude!


I received the clock last week. We love the clock - very good condition. Reno Custom Crating did a great job.

Thanks again.


Gazo San Juan Bautista in Alder ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Messy Kitchen Floor
...glad it's there not here!


I got the clock a little after noon. Well packaged, packing popcorn all over the kitchen floor. Clock looks good, all parts are there. I will hang it after I get the kitchen cleaned up.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to my clock friends.



E. Howard Regulator No. 70 in Oak - Antique Clocks Guy

Train Man Speaketh
...loved the packaging

"Hi Richard,

The clock arrived yesterday in excellent condition. I was very impressed with the packing, which was done in such a way that there was no chance of damage. I am extremely happy with the clock. It is exactly as you represented it online, except it is more beautiful than I anticipated.

I am a model railroader and this clock is identical to those which used to hang is train depots across the country. I put it in my “train room” and it looks great.

Thank you,


Seth Thomas "World" - Antique Clocks Guy

Couldn't be easier
...from a consignor's perspective


I am very pleased with the way you handled the sale of my clock. Your instructions were clear and understandable, your web site is very professional and easy to navigate.

I was able to enjoy my clock until the day it shipped. I am very appreciative of the way you take care of the shipping. I would not have had a clue as to how to do that.

All I had to do is deliver my clock to the UPS store, pick up my check and be on my way. Very smooth and easy to do. Thank you again for your great services.


Gazo Coronado in Alder - Antique Clocks Guy

Looked for years...

"Hello Richard,

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful clock. I look at it daily and marvel over how perfect it is. I had been looking for this clock for years with no success (largely by not knowing what it was). So I'm glad you were able to deliver.

Thanks again,


Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 in Oak - Antique Clocks Guy

Bi-Coastal Clock
...and a new friend in the process!


On January 15th I inquired about a Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 clock online from a stranger named The Clock Guy. A week later I bought the same clock from a friend. The honesty and trustworthiness you displayed are unique qualities in today's business world.

My clock made its trek from California to Connecticut (without a hitch) arriving in perfect condition. Now in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, it is once again keeping perfect time. Again, thank you for your professionalism and your friendship.



Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 in Oak - Antique Clocks Guy

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Gift
...he must be doing something right!

"Hello Richard,

I received the clock and just finished unwrapping it. That is an all day job in itself!! Everything looked great and no damage that I saw. The clock is a beautiful finish and seems in excellent condition! I probably won't give it to my husband until our anniversary on Feb. 8th, if I can wait that long! I'm anxious for him to see it. I'll let you know what he thinks after he sees it.

Thanks so much for providing me with such beautiful clocks!



Seth Thomas Regulator No. 5 in Walnut  - Antique Clocks Guy

The Sounds of Christmas
...and Santa's coming back with more!

"Since I have this week off, I was able to hang the Seth Thomas. It looks and sounds great! I love the deep sound of the chime! What a nice addition to my study. I think I will hang the E. Howard in the same room too. Looking forward to it.

Take care and happy new year!"


Sethh Thomas Queen Anne Regulator in Cherry - Antique Clocks Guy

Just in Time for Christmas

"The clock came the 22nd, my husband got it set up on Christmas day and it's beautiful. He is so happy with it.

Thank you!"


Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 in Oak  - Antique Clocks Guy

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
...while waiting for the second coming!

"Hello Richard,

The Ansonia crystal regulator arrived today and I couldn't be happier. It is beautiful and in wonderful condition. It has a great patina. It hasn't missed a beat since I started it up and love the gong. I look forward to the second arrival of the wall clock which should be here Tuesday.

Thanks again, and the UPS Store does a remarkable job transporting antique clocks!


Ansonia "Baronet" Crystal Regulator - Antique Clocks Guy


Shortest Testimonial in Our History

"Hell of a clock!"

(Vice Chancellor, major U.S. Medical School)


Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

(NOTE: we can find you one just like it!)

Herschede Model 250 "The Clock" - Antique Clocks Guy - Call Us To Find One For Your Home!

"Gazing At His Gazo!"


I know Steve talked with you but I wanted to thank-you again for the opportunity to purchase the beautiful Scottsdale Regulator. The gentlemen with the trucking company were very professional and cordial. Steve is enamored with the clock and is so thrilled to have it hanging.



Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo Scottsdale Regulator - Antique Clock Guy

"Oh, Howard, I love you..."


Just a quick word of thanks for your professionalism and honesty. The clock is absolutely beautiful and runs very well. It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope I can do so again.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas season.


E.Howard Regulator No. 70 in Cherry - 14" dial - Antique Clock Guy


San Franciscan Captures Heart...


The clock arrived late Friday, and it is set up, balanced, orange-oiled, and running beautifully.
It is magnificent! Thanks for packaging it so clearly;
it made set-up easy.

The crew that delivered it was great - very professional, really nice guys.

Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

Thank you for making it possible for us to get the clock of our dreams - the neighbors have admired it, and we are thrilled to have it in our home.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you,



See other Gazo clocks  offered by the Antique Clock Guy

"Bombs Away!"


Thanks so very much! The clock arrived in perfect condition. I believe from the way it was packed that it could have been dropped from a bomber and truly survived. That was one terrific job of packing.

The best part is that the clock is BEAUTIFUl and I am very happy with it. I wish you could see how lovely it looks in our home. We are very slow and so it took us a good part of the afternoon to unpack everything and get the clock set up. Now we just sit back and admire it. It is the perfect size for the glass top table it is sitting on and it looks stunning. The finish on the clock is just right to blend with all the other furnishings. I think we made the best possible purchase for our home.

Thank you so much for all of your help. It was certainly appreciated. Thanks, also, for the fast delivery. You were great to work with.

Thanks again,

–Mary Ann and Don"

Thanks to our friends at UPS for a great job!

Ansonia "Music & Poetry" Figural Clock - Antique Clock Guy


Our Site is a Great Place to Learn

"Richard, you do not need to respond to this email – you must get loads every day. Glad I found your fantastic web site. I thought that I had seen some nice clock collections, yours has to be the best so far. Who ever set up your page did a great job. I learned a lot this morning the short time that I was on your site. Thanks you are on my 'favorites' tab."


What a good-looking dude!

Lot of Money ~ Peace of Mind

"How do I begin?! Your website was beautiful and absolutely what a newcomer needs. Each clock had enough images to tell exactly what was what. They were only topped by your descriptions, which detailed everything a buyer would want to know. And the clocks were even better in person!

I was initially nervous about sending, what was for me, a large sum of money to someone with whom I've never done business before and in fact, never met in person. After several emails, I believed you to be a person whom I could trust. Boy, was I smart!

I'm a man who considers a promise to be sacred. I believe a person should do what he says. You consistently did that! Your communication was everything I wanted and needed. You were responsive before the sale...all during, including arranging the shipping and keeping me posted at every step...and were completely helpful for the set up of the 5 clocks.

You should consider running for public office. Thanks...and it's only the beginning!"

(S'pose my moniker would be O'clock-a?)

Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 6 in Walnut - Antique Clocks GuySeth Thomas Regulator No. 9 in Cherry- Antique Clocks Guy

E. Howard Regulator No. 72 in Oak - Antique Clocks GuySeth Thomas Regulator No. 30 in Oak- Antique Clocks Guy

Here's Lookin' @ You Clock Guy

"Did you ever see the movie, Casablanca?
In it, there's a classic line, '...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.'

Richard... really really really, we've only just begun (gee, that would make a good song title, don'tcha think?). I want the best of the best of the best. You seem to have the best of the best of the best! I've taken down a lot of things from my walls here... I have a lot of room for more clocks. Just don't let me buy something not great."

(no problema, kid!)

Someone Besides Mom Loves Us!

"Richard, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. I know that you would never get anything done if you had stop what you were doing all the time and answer questions on the phone. You have no idea how much time I have spent trying to figure out the issues with the two Sessions Clocks. Hope someone does something really nice for you today.

I thought you would get a laugh: Everywhere I turned, it was always, "Ask Richard," or "Richard will know – If he doesn't he wont quit until he finds out." It must be nice to know that you are so highly respected in the clock community, and, after talking to you, everywhere else, too.

Thanks again,


Better Than Expected


The trucking company just finished delivering our clock. It actually looks better than we expected!

–Art & Eleanor"

Reliable Trucking - Our Blanket-Wrap Movers - Antique Clocks Guy

La Letter du Happy Buyer!

"I’ve been meaning to write to you for weeks but the busy season has continued to get in the way. I’m taking a mental break just now to tell you that La Letter du Fronte works beautifully!  My husband is totally in awe of the fact that I have been able to calibrate the time perfectly!  It is pure joy to me to see it, to hear it chime along with my other clocks (the house nearly shakes on the hour), and I am very happy with my purchase.

Thanks again. I’ll keep your website close but probably won’t make many purchases – sorry, but it would be tough to top the one
I have now!



Will Santa Really Give It Away?

"Received the clock today. I love it! I looks exactly like the pic, only better. We put it in our library on a shelf. Perfect! 

My son & his family won't be getting it 'til Christmas. I know they'll be thrilled.

Many thanks"

A Real Swinger... (well, sorta)

"I'm up and running. It was good speaking
to someone who understands these clocks. 
I'm very pleased..."

Ansonia Swinging Doll Clock - Antique Clocks Guy

A Happy Canadian Physics Teacher


The clock is amazing and so well-preserved. I just watched it tick over the date.

Thank you very much for setting all this up.
I also wrote Michele to thank her for her outstanding packing job (between you and me, I'll be getting rid of Styrofoam peanuts for the next six months in my garbage...!)

I will watch your website with interest...
I kind of like American clocks now... go figure (after years of British clocks). I think I'll start saving up for a banjo clock, certainly one of the most American styles I can think of in a clock."

Seth Thomas Empire Calendar Clock - Antique Clocks Guy

Another Thankful Consignor


I wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you in the sale of my clock. You and your company are extremely professional and personable all at the same time. I have dealt with a lot of companies in the past few years I have had so many incidences that people have lost the ability to care about their job. Customer service seems to be a word from the past. Except with you and your company. You have made the word customer service mean something again.

It is refreshing to finally deal with people who truly care about their customers. Thanks to you and your staff – you all are fantastic. If I had anything else to sell I would come to you first. Thank you again for all of your dedication to your service it shows how much you care about people and your profession.

I would recommend your company to everyone I could.

Thanks again”

A Grateful Consignor

“Hello Mr. Oliver,

I just wanted to drop a few lines to express my delight regarding the sale of my Gazo San Gabriel clock.

Due to the economic down turn (lack of employment) I had to sell and in a hurry.

Upon viewing your web-page I knew I was making the right decision to utilize your assistance. Not only were you friendly, but also very understanding of my issues (facing homelessness). You treated me with professionalism, and empathy; I will always be grateful. 

Mere words would never be able to express my appreciation.

Thank you ever so much.


Kathleen, we wish you God's protection and provision.
Richard & Margie

Gazo San Gabriel in Walnut - Antique Clocks Guy
(in restoration)

Gazo San Gabriel in Walnut - Antique Clocks Guy


Rockin' Away in Florida!

“The clock was delivered in perfect condition at about 1:30pm. It is so beautiful and my husband is thrilled. It is up and running!

I appreciate all your help in planning this special birthday gift. You have been a pleasure to work with and the clock is even better than advertised. The delivery service, Wintersteen, was great, on time, very careful and so pleasant. This has been a wonderful experience.

Thank you so much!”

We Do Make
Birthday Dreams Come True!

...including customized "happy birthday" photos output to a drugstore near you to put in the card if the clock can't get there before the special day.

English "Rocking Ship" Longcase Clock - Antique Clocks Guy

You're Playing Our Song!

“Richard, The Seth Thomas Regulator No. 17 I purchased through you is now in place, and has instantly become a favorite in my Seth collection.

This one truly is exactly as you represented it – a fine and rare example of the best in a Regulator 17.

Thank you again for bringing another collector grade Seth Thomas to my attention, and for the professional manner you exhibit to help in completing the transaction.

Best regards...

Play It Again, Sam...

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 17 in Oak - Antique Clocks Guy

No Cemetery... Puhleeeze!


May I compliment you on the professional and timely manner that the sale and delivery of the 2 time recorders was handled from California to New Jersey.

As both of these units are antiques, and over 100 years old, I was especially concerned with the 3,000 mile journey and the packing protection the units would need.

I was quite surprised upon delivery. Both of the clocks were so skillfully stuffed and crated it would put a mortician to shame.

The inside packaging had 2x4 cross beams and cushion beds to eliminate damage from jolts, with cushion side-pads; Quite honestly, the trucking company could have dragged the boxes at the end of a rope to New Jersey and the clocks would have been in excellent condition on arrival.

When building the Model T, Henry Ford used every piece of material at his disposal, including the wooden crates that the body parts were shipped in from different vendors. Let me tell you, he would have been proud of this delivery.

Please extend my sincere appreciate to Ashley on a job well done.


Two of my employees took the crates home and put hinges on them for storage containers”

Punch Me Up, Scotty!

Bundy Time-Recorder - Antique Clocks Guy

Simplex Time-Recorder - Antique Clocks Guy

BIG is Beautiful!

“Good morning,

I got the Waterbury hung last night. What a wonderful clock! My wife, who thought I had lost my mind when I first purchased it, even loves it. The clock looks perfect.

Thanks for all your help.

The Durfee looks nice. I will continue to consider it.


Waterbury Regulator No. 15 in Walnut - Antique Clocks Guy

How Do You Spell "T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D."?

“IT'S HERE!!!!

Wow! We love it! It's in one piece,
of course, and ticking away.

We were so scared that it wouldn't be
as beautiful as we thought it might be,
but it's better!!!

Everything is exactly as you described it.

Thank you so much!!(all the way from Israel!)

Ashcroft Bronze Ship's Clock - Seth Thomas Movement - Antique Clocks Guy

"Richard – I'm still kind of in shock that you put this much time and effort into selling me your least expensive clock. It is a clock that I will treasure."

"Richard, Once again your service and attention to EVERY detail is incredible.

Each time we buy a clock from you I KNOW the quality of the clock and your total commitment to "customer service" will be constant. From a customer standpoint this personal trait is priceless!!

If every business was operated like you run yours there would be no need for lawyers because there would be no customer complaints.

Thank you once again for your honesty and integrity. It's a pleasure doing business with you."

"Just a brief e-mail to express my gratitude for the manner in which you conduct your business. Simply, you deliver as promised and agreed upon. Seems like an easy accomplishment, but so often with other transactions things do not necessarily go as described.

The clocks we have purchased (two) have been in perfect condition and are an enhancement to our home. Shipping has been secure and on schedule. Your packers are exceptional. I believe that, if the packages fell from a small building, they would be fine.

I look forward to purchasing many more fine clocks from you in the future. You have my complete confidence."

E.Howard & The “Ghost Poop” (?)

I unpacked the clock yesterday and it is very nice. The only problem I have is where I am going to hang it? The jeweler where I work wants it in the showroom as a store clock so I may just take him up on the offer as the clock belongs in a public place.

I put the boxes out back of the store. That was a mistake. The trash truck hit the box and tons of Ghost Poop went all over the place. It was windy and that stuff took off. That's one way to get rid of the packing!”

E.Howard Regulator No. 70 - Antique Clocks Guy

American Delight

“The clock arrived in great shape and well packed… a nice clock for the collection.

You are to be congratulated for the obvious attention you pay to not only the clocks for sale but the website as a whole is very enjoyable and informative as well.

Now to enjoy the clock and the whole buying experience. T'was all I had hoped for.”
E.Howard Regulator No. 70 - Antique Clocks Guy

Oh my gosh, the kids want the clock... already!

“Everyone just loves the Santa Fe. All 4 of my kids have put their name on it when we are gone. I'm just a little worried that they might get together and try to put us in a home so they can jump on the clock!”

Ansonia Santa Fe - Antique Clocks Guy

Telling It Like We Always Hope It Will Be Told!

Dear Richard,

On Christmas day my husband opened the clock I bought for him from your website. It is certainly a magnificent clock! What a wonderful Christmas surprise it was for both of us. We are both so impressed with the wood carving and workmanship of this clock. We were also very impressed to see what wonderful shape it was in when we received it. It was packed very well for shipment - double boxed. Nothing was damaged during shipment. Also, it was very clean and nicely finished. Even the mechanism was spotless.

Lenzkirch Bracket Clock - Antique Clocks Guy

Other clocks we have purchased on-line, while still in good shape, still needed a little cleaning and polishing up on our part. This clock however was in such good shape we really did not need to do anything to 'freshen' it up. 

It was such a pleasure doing business with you. I was a little leery at first making such a purchase on-line, but reading your other testimonials encouraged me to make the purchase. I am sure glad I did! You were very prompt in your responses and letting me know exactly when you would be able to get the clock for me. I really appreciated all of your e-mails keeping me up to date on the status of my order and shipment. I also appreciated your kind consideration knowing that I was planning on surprising my husband and working with me to make it a surprise. It certainly was a pleasant surprise for him to find such a beautiful clock under the Christmas tree! I believe he is enjoying the clock even more than I thought he would. I am so glad I was able to add such a beautiful antique clock to his collection.

It was so considerate of you to call us, on Christmas day, just to find out how we were enjoying the clock and making sure it arrived alright. It really added to the Christmas surprise. My husband enjoyed being able to talk with you about the clock.     

Thanks again so much for such a wonderful buying experience!

Repeat Client Chimes In Again...

“The oak calendar clock is absolutely beautiful.  We are very pleased.  Thanks.”

Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 10 - Antique Clocks Guy

“I found buying a clock from Richard "Clockguy" Oliver a great experience. His communication was flawless. The clock was absolutely as advertised. It was delivered quickly, packaged well, and was ready to hang up and start to enjoy right out of the box.

I would buy another from him in a minute.”

Late Biedermeier Vienna Regulator - Antique Clocks Guy

A U.K. Connoisseur Comments...
“...I have to add that, having been searching the web, your site is - well excuse the use of an English great - The Rolls Royce. The clarity of the photographs and description of the of the clocks and their quality is all excellent. It is by far the best site and you can tell it also has the very personal touch.”

Loves His Vienna Regulator

“I just hung the clock this a.m. It is just spectacular. Better than the pictures. The packaging was also exceptionally well done. Whole experience was great. Thanks.”

Vienna Regulator - Antique Clocks Guy

Antique Clocks Guy Testimonial - NAWCC

New Client Finds Trustworthy Internet Clock Peddler!

Richard, when I discovered your web site I thought "Boy, these sure are some good looking clocks." Brenda and I picked out one we really liked but I was concerned about doing business over the internet. I read the testimonials, FAQs and your mission statement. Finally, I called you and came to the conclusion that, "this guy's ok."

Well, the Seth Thomas Regulator No 3 came today and to say we're thrilled is a understatement!! It is exactly as you represented it, prettier than the pictures and expertly packed.

Thank you Richard. We will be buying more clocks in the near future.

Seth Thomas Regulator No.3 in Oak - Antique Clocks Guy

With Two You Get Eggroll... or a Lawyer?
You have me drooling over these two clocks.
I will take both and send out the checks Monday.
My wife may leave me
BUT what a trade!!
Ithaca Skeleton Clock - Antique Clocks Guy
Ithaca "Melrose" - Antique Clocks Guy

Midwest Lawyer Takes Clock-Buying Seriously...
Good evening,

If Jimmy Hoffa had been stored in the box that arrived today, he would still be intact!

As soon as I get the clock assembled and on our wall, I will prepare an appropriate testimonial.

Talk to you soon.


Waterbury Regulator No. 15 Jeweler's Regulator - Antique Clocks Guy

Major Buyer, Major Clock, Major Pleasure!

Dear Richard:

Thanks for helping us arrange purchase of the Walter Durfee tallcase clock. It was exactly what we had been seeking for our collection and exactly as represented in the listing information you sent to us.

We were comfortable purchasing the clock from you because of your well-established national reputation as a dealer of substantial knowledge and integrity.

We look forward to doing business again in the near future.

Durfee Tallcase Clock - Antique Clocks Guy

Big Decision Turned Out Well

Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2006 6:35 PM
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Richard,

We want to thank you for your help in our purchase of the Seth Thomas 19 Walnut Regulator. Your timely response to all our inquiries and your help in shipping is greatly appreciated. Purchasing the clock long distance (we are on the opposite coast) and site unseen, we relied on your expert opinion. 

It arrived in good condition (the packaging was great) and was exactly as represented. The pictures were excellent. It is a magnificent clock and we are so pleased. We look forward to your help in finding other first-rate clocks to add to our collection.

Again, thank you very much. We would gladly recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase a clock.

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 19 in Walnut - Antique Clocks Guy

Ya Gotta Read This One!

Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2006 9:13 AM
Subject: King Tut and the Ark of the Covenant

      Yesterday I received what, on first appearances, seemed to be an errant shipment from the Department of Egyptian Antiquities containing the sarcophagus of King Tut. Clearly this was supposed to be delivered to the Art Institute for their Egyptian display. 

     I have to admit that my curiosity got the better of me, since the lid to this formidable shipping crate was screwed into place, I figured I could get a very private peek of the Pharaoh’s countenance, before returning it for public display, and no one would be the wiser, and then I could replace the screws, and send it on its way.

Ansonia "Hanging Antique" in Mahogany - Antique Clocks Guy

     After coaxing the 37 screws out of their individual homes, no small feat, I peeled back the lid, gingerly removed several layers of styrofoam and packing materials, and was rewarded with the expected glints of gold and rich woods, only to be astonished that the reflections were emanating from the brass ornamentation of the Ansonia ‘Hanging Antique’ Clock I had ordered from the Clock Guy!

   The clock arrived in great condition, regally reclining in its own personal sarcophagus, and attracted quite a crowd since I had opened the crate in the middle of our 85-person office. Surrounded by a sea of, “ooohs” and, “ahhhhs,” we carefully extricated the clock from the crate and admired the craftsmanship, and downright beauty of an era long gone.

     Thank you very much, we’re very pleased with our clock. We’ve invested in a heavy-duty hanging mechanism and are currently in the process of attempting to “regulate” the time.  It runs beautifully, and the steady tick-tock of the pendulum is a very comforting sound, after having sent off a large cashiers check to, what was at the time, an unknown internet site.

Many thanx from another happy client;
     You’re a quality site, and a quality guy!

Antique Clocks For SaleAlan & Amy

P.S. My office is still trying to decide what to do with the professionally crafted crate, since it’s far too nice to throw away, and way too big to stick into my basement. Maybe we’ll donate it to the local mausoleum... we’ll let you know.

About Our Site:
From one of our antique clock consignors:

“Your web site is... magnetic. After browsing a great many sites I was drawn back to yours for your tone, humor, thoroughness, forthrightness, and tremendous clarity of written expression.

Besides, anyone who loves Giant Schnauzers has got to be OK!”

About our Site:
From a new antique clocks client:

“I'm continually drawn back to your site (like a moth to a flame).

You have the best antique clock website that I've seen, bar none!  You have excellent descriptions, sidebar links to pertinent informational sites, and the clearest, sharpest most detailed photos available. 

Nice job!”

From a first-time antique clocks buyer:
“normal folks” like you & me...

January 26, 2005

“Dear Mr. Oliver,

As a first-time clock buyer, I took some time to educate myself on antique clocks the best I could before finally deciding on the one I purchased from you. My husband and I were nervous initially, in fear of being “taken” because of our lack of clock knowledge. I was also afraid to send a cashiers check prior to receiving the clock, verses charging with a credit card as we almost always do. (I’m naturally distrustful, I guess).

French Black Slate Shelf Clock - Antique Clocks Guy

What a pleasant surprise and experience it all turned out to be, however! With any questions or concerns we had, correspondence came promptly. The shipper (Mark) was very kind and when the clock came, it was packed impeccably.

It was so exciting to get the clock and see that it was all that we hoped for, and then some! Your description of the clock was very accurate and it is as though it were made for us! It works like a charm and looks perfect on our mantle.

Thank you for making this such a nice experience. We will highly recommend you to others.

—Sincerely, Kathi and Joe S.

From a repeat buyer and consignor:
A major player in the antique clocks collecting arena
We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

  • “Anything sold by The Clock Guy will be flawless;
  • Anything sold by The Clock Guy will be packed perfectly;
  • Anything sold by The Clock Guy will be listed correctly without any tricks, and it will be as expected when you receive it;
  • Anything sold by The Clock Guy will be unusual — he beats the bushes for the rare stuff;
  • Anything sold by The Clock Guy will be running when you get it.. unless he has specifically stated that it will not be.
  • High quality, rarity, great packing without headaches, predictability...
  • What is valuable to you?
  • I like to buy from The Clock Guy.”

Significant Antique Clock Purchase

“The Ansonia tall case clock that I recently purchased through you is everything you had advertised. The clock is all original and has never been touched by a novice restoration person. My local clock repair expert said that the movement is all original.

Initially, I had some trepidations about sending a large sum of money via cashiers check to someone that was unknown to me. Upon checking your references, my skepticism seemed to subside.

Perhaps the best part of doing business with you was your deep concern for customer satisfaction after the sale was completed. You jumped through hoops to help answer the many restoration-related questions for me.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great clock. Thanks for your great service and thanks for a great clock.” (March 2005)


Major Player, Major Antique Clock...

“Just a note to tell you how much we like the Seth Thomas. 
The clock was exactly as you described - very original and complete. The packing was as good as I've seen, and the clock and all accessories arrived in only 4 days without a scratch. I very much appreciate your excellent service and quality. Keep me in mind for future clocks.”

Our whole shtick in one simple feedback:

“The clock arrived yesterday. The box was huge, but the packing was outstanding. I'll bet you never get claims for shipping damage.

The clock is beautiful, more so in person than the photos could convey. My wife now calls it her clock. I told her she needs to buy some more, especially that S.T. #2 in cherry.

Again thank you for your help and kudos to you for your honesty and to Clay and his crew for their killer packing.”

More praise - excellent packaging!

  • "...wanted to drop you a message to let you know the clock arrived okay. You were right. It is beautiful and I do love it. The packing was superb! Thank you for arranging this adoption. It's been a pleasure doing business with you." (E.Howard Reg #1)

  • "The packaging of the Garfield clock was the best I've ever seen. I've had many clocks shipped including some recently from the San Diego area and I haven't had any packaged as professionally. Please pass my thanks along to your shipper."

  • From a major Northwest Collector:
    "Thank you so much for your time... It is clear that you went to considerable trouble to be thorough, and I am sincerely appreciative. It is no wonder that you are successful at what you do since you go out of your way to treat people right."

  • From a first-time client: The clock arrived this morning and it is in excellent condition. Very well crated; I do not think a  better job could have been done. Very pleased with the clock and the service received. It has been nice doing business and I am sure we will do more in the future since I am hooked on nice clocks!
  • Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

    • "We really like the clock. I agree with you that it is a keeper."
    • "Wonderful transaction. Best packing I've seen. Thanks!!!!!!"
    • "Thank you for the fine clock, the honesty of description, and the speed of the transaction. You are a fine person to do business with and I hope we can do business again soon"
    • "First Rate from all aspects -- description, communication, and shipping."
    • "...honest and describes accurately. Very pleasant. I recommend him."
    • "A real businessman. Easy to deal with. Incredible packing job."
    • "...professional approach, conscientious...item as described & working."
    • "...clock was everything he said and more..."
    • "Received this clock today. It looks better than you said."
    • "...case is sound and the clock running... Thanks"
    • "Mover & Shaker!!! Excellent job in all areas. Will definitely do more bus(iness)!"
    • "Extremely Nice To Deal With - Has Great Concern For The Buyer - Thanks"
    • "Found what we couldn't find. Great Clock shipped 3,000 miles in perfect shape!"
    • "Another great purchase..thanks again for honesty..great packing... great value AA+"
    • "This is a nice clock and the packing is the best that I have received."
    • "Received the clock today. It looks better than you said. Thanks a lot and hope to do this again."

    Great Items, Great Service, Great Packing

    • "The bracket clock has arrived safe and sound. It's beautiful!!!!! I don't think I have ever seen a bracket clock as pretty as this one. The pics didn't do it justice. And boy is it heavy!!! Wonderful packing! UPS handed me the clock box with the "this way up arrow" lying sideways instead of upward. Thank heavens for excellent packing!!!! Thanks so much for a wonderful transaction and a beautiful clock!"
    • "I love the clock and your shipper did a great job. It weighs a ton and looks great on my mantle. Thanks again and hats off to The Clock Guy!"
    • "My Seth Thomas clock was waiting for me when I returned... You were right Richard in the excellent packaging of the clock. It took me at least 30 minutes until I got to the actual clock!! The mummies in Egypt were not packaged any better !!"
    • "The 'grand event' happened today, four boxes arrived with stuffing, fillers and tape to prevent any possible damage to the wonderful and beautiful clock ordered through the CLOCKGUY.
    • " 'Stump the Professor' did not work!!!! You are wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!!"
    • "The clock arrived late yesterday evening and I just finished unpacking it. WOW, I am stunned! It is magnificent. John did an excellent job with the crate. The dimensions were appropriate to protect the contents. He actually built the skid into the crate so that the shippers would properly handle it. All the partitions were built into the outer case as well. Well done, and thanks."
    • "I appreciate the way you go about doing things..."

    Note: because of their ridiculous reserve fees
    and the general "jungle" nature of eBay,
    we have not sold there in many, many years.

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