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The descriptions of items for sale on our site are as complete and detailed as practical to provide insight into each item and its condition. When we buy something surprises are the last thing we want. And we know you feel the same way — especially when you buy an item basically sight-unseen from someone you may not know other than by reputation (which is our biggest asset).

Like you and us, most antiques show some signs of age, however, our clients consistently report that items they purchased from us look better than they expected from reading the descriptions and viewing the photos online.

We use the following general guidelines to state condition of an item:

EXCELLENT: In significantly better than average condition, with no significant flaws. Restorations, if any, are of high quality and not obvious.

VERY GOOD: Age-appropriate and in better than average condition. Restorations, if any, are of high quality and not obvious.

GOOD: In average condition with signs of use consistent with age. Some restorations may be obvious.

FAIR: In worse than average condition. May be poorly restored or not restored at all.

It's important to remember that the age of a clock has a bearing on the rating of its condition. We may find a clock from, let's say, 1830 that is in excellent overall condition given its age. A similar clock from 1890 might also be in excellent condition and actually look “better” than the older clock, but, because it's 60 years older, the 1830 clock is expected to show some signs of age. Remember, as there are no 50 year-olds who look like 18 year-olds, the likelihood of finding a "mint-condition" (50 yr-old?!) is always a stretch of the imagination at best! We promise to always describe our items for sale in a fair manner so the only surprise you get is when it's better than you expected.

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