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Boston Clock Company

Chelsea, Mass.

The Boston Clock Company was organized May 29,1884, as successor to the Harvard Clock Company which had been organized October 11, 1880 by James H. Gerry, Joseph H. Eastman and others and primarily produced wall clocks, often similar in style to some of the Howard models, but of lesser quality.

Joseph H. Eastman became manager of the Boston Clock Company and the firm is listed in Boston directories from 1885 through 1894. The firm was a large producer of good grade imitation French "carriage," "crystal regulator" clocks and mantel clocks, often in style and onyx cases. Most of their clocks utilized a good quality movement with a platform or watchxlike balance escapement and had tandem winding whereby the time and strike were wound by turning the key in opposite directions in a single keyhole.

By 1890, the firm issued a trade catalog illustrating more than 50 different models. These clocks usually had porcelain dials, and the style and onyx cases used for the mantel clocks, were no doubt imported.

In 1894, the Boston Clock Company failed and Joseph Eastman tried to revive the firm as the Eastman Clock Company the following year. Eastman purchased land on Everett Street in Chelsea on September 13, 1895 and borrowed some $7,000 and commenced building a factory. The Eastman Clock Company was shown in Boston directories only for the year 1896 and Eastman's creditors foreclosed on the firm October 29, 1896.
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