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History of a Noted Black Forest Clockmaker*

Johann Baptist Beha

Double-fusee movement

Johann Baptist Beha 1815 to 1898. Trained by his father the Master-Clockmaker Vincenz Beha (1784-1868). Their clockshop was located in the Eisenbacher Zinken, hamlet of Harzerhauser auf dem Hoechst, (Black Forest), the Beha clan designed, constructed the first Fuse, the first heavy brass cast plate clocks of outstanding quality.

Father Vincenz Beha devoted much of his time inventing and constructing top grade precision calendar and master clocks. One of his masterworks can be seen in the Inn "Zum Bade" in Eisenbach.

The sons of Johann Beha, designed and manufactured cuckoo, quail, music clocks. The Beha clocks achieved international recognition. The report of the Industrial fair in Karlsruhe/ Germany, in 1861 stated "Johann Baptist Beha in Eisenbach, displayed thirty Cuckoo Clocks in various sizes and models, some with blinking eyes, cuckoo and quails calls". They were represented in England by importer Camerer, Kuss & Co.

Camerer and Kuss Oxford St Label - Antique Clocks Guy
Camerer Kuss - Beha Calling Card - Antique Clocks Guy
A later business calling card of Camerer Kuss & Cie, the primary importer of Beha clocks in England.

Shelf Cuckoo by Johann Baptiste Beha ~ Antique Clocks Guy

(click to hear the cuckoo)

Johann Baptiste Beha Shelf Cuckoo - Inside Backboard Label from Jeweler Camerer & Cuss ~ Antique Clocks Guy

(from the back of the clock just above)

*Rewritten by Karl Kochmann from the following source: The book UNION - HORLOGERE, CLOCK & WATCH TRADEMARK INDEX, European Origin, by Georg Jacob G.M.B.H. Leipzig.

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