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The Bundy Manufacturing Company was a 19th Century American manufacturer of time keeping devices that went through a series of mergers, eventually becoming International Business Machines. The company was founded by the Bundy brothers.

Willard L. Bundy was born in 1846 in Otsego NY. His family later moved to Auburn NY, where he worked as a jeweler and invented a time-recording clock in 1888. He later obtained patents of many mechanical devices. However, he split with his brother and business associates about these patents, wanting to keep them for himself and his family. He moved to Syracuse and purchased the Dey Time Recording Company, later renaming it the International Time Recording Company. This company later failed.

Harlow E. Bundy was born in 1856 in Auburn NY. He was a graduate of Hartwick College. He died after retiring from business in 1915 in 1916 in Pasadena CA.

The two brothers established the Bundy Manufacturing Company in 1889, in Binghamton NY. The clock was supposed to eliminate the need for timekeepers and watchmen, who would be required to insure that workers were diligent in performing their work. The original Bundy Manufacturing Company employed less than a dozen workers.

The Bundy Manufacturing Company relocated to Endicott NY in 1900. They merged with the Frick Manufacturing Company and the Standard Time Stamp Company. They acquired the Chicago Time Register Company. Then known as the International Time Recording Company, they acquired the Del Ray Register Company and the Syracuse Time Recording Company. In 1911, they became the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. In 1924, the company was renamed International Business Machines (IBM).

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The Bundy Manufacturing Company


Harlow E. Bundy incorporates the Bundy Manufacturing Co. as the first time recording company in the world. It produces a time clock invented by his brother Willard L., a jeweler in Auburn, NY (the company consolidates into one of IBM's forerunners in 1902).
1896: George W. Fairchild joins the company

Co. acquires Standard Time Stamps Co., a manufacturer of time stamps and a card recorder

ITR Co., formed by George W. Fairchild, as the selling agency of the Bundy Manufacturing Co., Willard & Fricte Manu. Co. & Standard Time Stamp Co., were the first card recording co.
1901: ITR Co. acquires Chicago Time-Register Co. which is first autograph time recorder Co.
1902: ITR Co. incorporates in NY as consolidation of above 3 companies

ITR outgrows 2nd Binghamton factory, builds modern, reinforced concrete plant in Endicott, on site of present IBM.

ITR moves to new plant, acquires Dex Time Register Co. which makes dial, card, & job-time recorders
1908: ITR acquires Syracuse Time Recording Co. which manufactures dial recorders

Charles R. flint arranges merger of ITR, Computing Scale Co. and Tabilating Machine Co. to form C-T-R
1914: Thomas Watson hired as manager (he founded IBM)

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