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I came across a wall mounted San Francisco pendulum clock today at a Salvation Army store. Its (sic) approx. 2' long with a stained glass front door. The wood and glass are in great condition. It even has the key. I know nothing about clocks, the store manager is not sure if it works.

I never heard of San Francisco clock company, I'm not sure if they made quality clocks. The store is asking $49.99 for the clock. I was thinking about buying it and putting it in my home, but, I'm not sure if they are asking to (sic) much. esp if it needs repairing.

Any information you can supply would be appreciated."

ANSWER: Most garage sale, resale shop, etc. clocks are worth no more than what the asking price is. And most aren't worth the powder to...

(we did not send the answer... but were tempted for a fleeting moment!)



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