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Petite Seth Thomas “Sonora Chime”
Grandmother Clock, c.1911

Seth Thomas "Sonora" Grandmother Hall Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas "Sonora" Grandmother Hall Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From So. CA

Seth Thomas Clock Company was famous for its innovation and for building solid, quality clocks. This one is no exception to that observation. The "Sonora Chime" clocks were so popular and unique that we have a dedicated page about them in our Reference Library. Most Sonora clocks were mantle configurations, though they did make at least one tallcase model and a couple of small "grandmother" hall clocks of which this is one. The expert who wrote the article about Sonora clocks in the book noted below indicates that this is only the second of these small Sonora clocks he's ever seen among the hundreds of them he has owned over the years. So take a close look at this truly "rare bird".

Physical: The Mahogany case with Mahogany crotchwood inset into the base measures 12"w x 72"h x 9.5"d. It is in excellent overall condition with the original finish. There is a small blemish on the left front corner between the knob and the hood dial area. It is difficult to distinguish in the full-length photo and looks much more severe in the closeup photo. For $80 our restoration shop will make it go away; that would be in addition to the price listed.

The 8" diameter machined brass dial with silvered chapter ring is in very good, age-appropriate condition. The blued hands are original to the clock.

Mechanical: The eight-day clock movement has been lubricated and is in good running order. The second (chime) movement, unique to Sonora clocks, has also been lubricated and is in good running order. This clock plays the
Westminster tune on the quarter hours and also strikes the hours, all on very mellow, yet resonant, bells. We have a link below with a Sonora recording from a shelf clock. This one may sound even more mellow as the resonance box is contained within the significantly larger chamber of the tall cabinet. Black and white photo shows a typical 4-bell Sonora with both movements.

Comments: Rare clock, lovely condition. Fits anywhere... your house?

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Front Left
Front Right
Head - Fro
Head – Close
Head - Left
Head - Front Right
Head - Right

Base - Left
Base - Right
Case Model Stamp
Clock Movement
Chime Movement
Date Stencil (1911)
Sonora Recording

Seth Thomas "Sonora Chime" Typical 4-Bell Configuration ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ly, T.D., Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements 3rd Ed Vol 1, 2004, p.146

Be sure to visit our Clock & Mechanical Music Reference Library

Elmer O. Stennes
Rocking Ship Granddaughter Clock

Elmer O. Stennes Rocking Ship Granddaughter Clock  ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Elmer O. Stennes Rocking Ship Granddaughter Clock  ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From Vista CA

Elmer O. Stennes Back Page of 1963 Catalogue ~ Antique Clocks Guy
(Stennes Catalogue)


The story of Elmer O. Stennes is intriguing, to say the least. If you don’t know the history of this particular maker, you should read the Elmer O. Stennes article in our Reference Library. An amazing saga filled with intrigue... and MURDER!

Get a cup of coffee, click the link and enjoy the story...

Physical: The simple pine swan-neck pedment case with center brass finial, typical of many Stennes clocks, measures 57"h x 13"w x 9"d is in good physical condition. It was purchased by the mother of our consignor in the 1960s era. The 6.75" diameter dial features a rocking ship that swings the opposite direction of the pendulum.

We posted YouTube videos of this clock, the first showing the whole clock (a little wobbly, sorry) and a second, higher-resolution closeup clip of just the dial. Everyone who sees this little clock is fascinated by the rocking ship!

Elmer O. Stennes Rocking Ship Granddaughter Clock  ~ Antique Clocks Guy
(click to view video)

Mechanical: The eight-day, time-only movement has just been serviced and is ready for years of great service.

Comments: This is a wonderful little clock that will bring its own intrigue into your home or office. Post the story near the clock and you'll have your own little "museum"...

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Front View
Front Left
Upper Section
Lower Se


“Gilded Girl” Swinging Arm Clock ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From So. CA

Here's a way-cute small swinging-arm clock for your consideration that we had to pry from the hands of our adult daughter, who wanted to claim it for her own from our inventory!

Physical: The gilded clock measures 6.5"w x 15.5"h x 6"d on the base and is in excellent overall physical condition. It is likely French in origin, and at one time had a small name plaque at the bottom (given the two small holes in the metal base). The statue sits on top of a white marble base.

Mechanical: The 30-hour movement, with Junghans signature on the dial, was recently professionally serviced by our technician and is in good running order. It is important to know that small, pivot-based swinging arm clocks are not generally great time-keepers and they can be a bit finicky (but they sure are fun and always draw attention)! Precise placement of the pivot pins in the middle of the "sockets" in the horizontal pivot arm is extremely important to successfully running the clock. This photo shows both pins in place correctly.
Comments: Beautiful little clock just waiting for that special place in your home... and heart!

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Front View
Swing Arm - Front
Swing Arm - Right
Movie Clip

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