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Here's a way-cute small swinging-arm clock for your consideration that we had to pry from the hands of our adult daughter, who wanted to claim it for her own from our inventory!

Physical: The gilded clock measures 6.5"w x 15.5"h x 6"d on the base and is in excellent overall physical condition. It is likely French in origin, and at one time had a small name plaque at the bottom (given the two small holes in the metal base). The statue sits on top of a white marble base.

Mechanical: The 30-hour movement, with Junghans signature on the dial, was recently professionally serviced by our technician and is in good running order. It is important to know that small, pivot-based swinging arm clocks are not generally great time-keepers and they can be a bit finicky (but they sure are fun and always draw attention)! Precise placement of the pivot pins in the middle of the "sockets" in the horizontal pivot arm is extremely important to successfully running the clock. This photo shows both pins in place correctly.
Comments: Beautiful little clock just waiting for that special place in your home... and heart!

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Front View
Swing Arm - Front
Swing Arm - Right
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