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If you are not familiar with Gazo clocks, please clock here to read the company's history and a see photos of many of their models. And here is a newspaper article about the firm. Then let us know which you are seeking!

There is a list of all Gazo model names by category at the bottom of this page for your reference.

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Gazo Monterey “Maiden of Love”
in Alder with Dark Walnut Stain

Gazo Monterey “Maiden of Love” in Alder with Dark Walnut Stain ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo Monterey “Maiden of Love” in Alder with Dark Walnut Stain ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From Pacific Northwest

(original catalogue)


Here's what the original Gazo Family Clock Factory catalogue said about this model: "Handsome wall clock, entirely hand-carved with sculptured 'Maiden of Love' headpiece. Porcelain and solid brass etched dial with brass grid and pendulum bob to match, beveled glass door."

sIt's a lot of clock, so take a close look.

Physical: The c.1981 alder case with beveled glass and walnut finish measures 20"w x 60"h x 10"d and is in excellent physical condition as you can see from the photos below. The etched brass dial with porcelain cartouche numerals is original and in excellent condition as are the hands and bob.

Mechanical: The eight-day triple-chime movement is original to the case and in good running order. It chimes on the quarter hours and strikes on the hour. This clock features both the traditional Westminster, Whittington and St Michael's chime tunes. You can hear the chime tunes in our Reference Library via the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Comments: We don't see the larger Gazo wall clocks very often. Most of them never make it to our site once we find them as we always seem to have people waiting for one or families just hang on to them. Here's your opportunity for a lovely maiden to enter your life! Prettiest of this model that we've ever seen.

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Front Rt
Upper Right
Lower Right - 1
Lower Right - 2
Upper Left

Lower Left
Pendulum Bob
Chime Rods


Gazo “Old Town” ~ Solid Oak

Gazo “Old Town” in Solid Oak ~ Antique Clocks GuyShip From Northern CA

Gazo Old Town - Original Catalutue Picture(Original Catalogue


Here's a Gazo Family Clock Factory model we don't see to frequently because the families that have owned them over the years tend not to part when them even at a generational transfer or downsizing. This clock, bearing s/n "OT/225/O" confirms model name, production sequence No. 225, made of "O"ak.

The clock was designed in the manner of many British-styled railroad or, in this case, Government Post Office (GPO) master station clocks (this Gazo clock is a reproduction, not one that was actually used by the British railroads or government).

Physical: The solid oak case, which measures 25"w at the top x 57" h x 6"d is in excellent physical condition and has the original finish. There were different catalogue versions of this model in two different lengths and with differing bottom finials. This clock has the longer of the two box lengths.

The dial, with original paint, measures a whopping 17" in diameter and bears the mark of the current queen upon it (see below). It also bears the mark "GPO" just below the center arbor to which the very British-looking hands are attached. "E.R." stands for the Latin "Elizabeth Regina", the latin for "Elizabeth the Queen". It does not mean "Elizabeth Reigns"!

Gazo “Old Town” in Solid Oak ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Mechanical: The eight-day Westminster-chiming clock is was professionally overhauled for the consignor in June 2012 and is in excellent running order.

Comments: Though we have not had too many of this model over the years, they have been strong sellers. So, if you are interested, please call now to make it you own. We saw this same model in a large retail clock shop in the San Diego area recently "marked down" to $2,150. We have a perfect clock that is available now that must make them just blush at their silly pricing!

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Front View
Left Side
Upper Se
ction Open
Back of Bezel
Maker Signature
Maker Plate
Serial Number


Reference Books

Be sure to visit our Clock & Mechanical Music Reference Library and its separate and very interesting Gazo History Page


Gazo Family Clock Factory “ La Mesa ” Early Model in Alder, c.1976 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo Family Clock Factory “ La Mesa ” Early Model in Alder, c.1976 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Gazo Family Clock Factory “ La Mesa ” Early Model in Alder, c.1976 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From UT

Gazo Family Clock Factory
La Mesa ” Early Model in Alder, c.1976

Lou Gazo was the first "clock guy" I ever met, back in 1971. At the time he lived and worked in an old Victorian house on First Street in the glide path of San Diego’s Lindbergh Field. Every time a plane landed the whole house shook! It was Lou who repaired some of the first clocks we purchased, including the big tallcase clock that still adorns the entry of our home in Vista, CA. I have fond memories of him... (Gazo History)

Here's what the original catalogue said about this model: “The ‘La Mesa’… A custom-designed wall clock, open-well  balcony style, beautiful in its simplicity, hand-carved, with porcelain and brass dial and solid brass grid pendulum and bob. Available in oak or English walnut finish.” This one is in alder.

Physical: This model, named after the eastern San Diego suburb of La Mesa (“the table” in Spanish), was originally released around 1975. It is constructed of alderwood and is in excellent original-finish condition. The case measures approximately 18" w x 60" h x 11" d. If you look at the photos in our Reference Library, you will see that this Gazo model was made in two different configurations. This is the earlier of the two. You will find photos of both models in the left-hand column of the linked page above, and the catalogue shots in the table at the bottom of the middle column.

The 8” etched brass dial features porcelain "cartouche" Roman numerals and is also in excellent original condition. Note the original cast brass grid pendulum and bob... beautiful! Also note the detailed carving throughout the case. This is the work for which the Gazo Family Clockworks was so widely known and greatly appreciated.

The serial number on the case is LM/341/A, which tells us this is a La Mesa model, the 341st in the production sequence, and made of Alder.

Mechanical: The eight-day chiming movement (Westminster, Whittington, St. Michael's) is in excellent running order. It has just been professionally overhauled by our technician here in San Diego. The owner shipped the movement directly to him and it's back installed in the clock in Utah.

Comments: If you’re a Gazo collector, we've already told you more than you needed to know; you know a great Gazo when you see one. If you're not a “Gazo Nut”, but are looking for a beautiful wall clock to decorate your home or office without having to take out another mortgage, then consider this one carefully.

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Front View
Upper View
Lower V
Left Side
Right Side
Serial Number

Be sure to visit our Clock & Mechanical Music Reference Library


Note Regarding Gazo Cast Brass Pendulums: Several times each year we are contacted by people who have a Gazo clock that is that is missing its cast-brass pendulum, either from one of the smaller models (San Marcos, Coronado, Palo Alto, Ramona) or from one of the tallcase models with the angel bob. We took the bobs you see below to an antiquities casting professional who made molds of each. If you happen to be one of those people who need assistance with either of these two pendulums, please contact us directly. They are not inexpensive by any means, but are faithful copies of the real thing. Unfortunately, we have no practical way to replace ether the round, etched pendulum bobs, or etched or stamped weights.

Typical Gazo
Cast Brass Pendulum Bobs


Note Regarding Gazo Movement Repair: We have an expert technician who knows Gazo movements thoroughly and can repair most things. Let us know if we can assist.

Note Regarding Gazo Music Box Repair: We occasionally hear from a distressed Gazo owner who has a dead music box (sometimes it's just the batteries). The Reuge Company is out of business and there are no parts. BUT... and here's the exciting part... if the motor in your Gazo/Reuge music box is burned out we can likely replace it. Again, we have an expert Gazo repair department. Let us know if you are no longer hearing beautiful music from your Gazo music box!

Don't forget that we are continually seeking Gazo clocks to list for sale here. If you have one you're considering selling, or know someone who does, please contact us!

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