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Rare Seth Thomas Chiming Regulator No. 15

Rare Seth Thomas Chiming Regulator No. 15 ~ Antique Clocks Guy
(ceiling too low for center finial)

Rare Seth Thomas Chiming Regulator No. 15 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Rare Seth Thomas Chiming Regulator No. 15 ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ships from West Coast

Click catalogue drawing to see all three case configurations from the original Seth Thomas catalogue ~ Antique Clocks Guy(orig. catalogue – click to enlarge)


This Seth Thomas No. 15 jewelers regulator is a rare configuration (and we don't use that term often) of a classic and much sought-after American Victorian-era clock that will enhance any important collection and give the owner immense pleasure, while proving an appreciating asset that would be difficult to replace.

Its quality and condition are beyond reproach. It retains all of its original components and has clearly lived a charmed life. The workmanship and detail in the cabinet represents the highest level of quality produced by Seth Thomas or any other maker of the era. The selection and placement of the burled walnut is superb and the proportions of the case are visually stimulating.

One reason this clock is so rare is the fact that it has an extraordinarily high quality chiming movement. Many collectors do not realize that this was a special option the factory offered. In spite of the rarity of this model, we are offering it for considerably less than you would expect to pay for a standard timepiece.

There were multiple iterations of this case (click catalogue pic) starting in 1879 through about 1886, though we have yet to find a special-order catalogue that shows the striking or chiming versions of this model (see photo below).

The dial board on this clock matches the middle photo in the catalogue trio, and the dimpled pendulum jar that of the drawing you will see to the right.

Seth Thomas, like the other CT clockmakers of the era, was extremely flexible about meeting the custom order needs of their clients; you could have just about whatever you wanted as long as you could pay for it. You can be sure that the chiming version of Regulator No. 15 would have been at the pinnacle of their price list.

Physical: The beautiful walnut case bears its original finish and original glass. This clock has really been cared for during its 135+ years and is in wonderful overall physical condition.

The case measures 29.5"w x 100"h x 13"d. The 14" engraved and silvered dial is in excellent original physical condition as you can see the photos. The very desirable dimpled mercury jar is original as are the hands, clamshell pulley, weight and beat plate. Note that there is a locking door in the base. Regulator 15, like Regulators 16 and 19 were made with two different styles of finials, fluted and non-fluted. There is a photo in Tran on p.406 (#1324) that shows the sister clock (Reg 14) with non-fluted finials.

Here's what the original catalogue said about this regulator:

"Walnut case, 8-day, weight, time. 14-inch silvered dial that is engraved, filled, silvered and lacquered, and attached to movement. Rod is made of steel, with mercury in glass jar. The stirrups for holding the jar are gilded."

View all three of the Seth Thomas Regulator No. 15 configurations: time-only, time-and-strike, chiming ~ Antique Clocks Guy
(click to enlarge)

Mechanical: The eight-day nested bell-chime (Westminster), gong hour-strike movement is original to the case, was professionally overhauled in 2014 and is in excellent running order, ready for years of great service for you. There is a shutoff switch to the left of the dial if you wish to silence the clock. The chiming movement used in the Regulator 15 is listed in Tran (p.952-953) as No. 74, though there are numerous configurations of this movement model, (view original catalogue drawing).

Packing/Shipping: This will be handled by one of our blanket-wrap movers who specialize in moving furniture and antiquities. They will pick it up inside at its present location and deliver it inside to your home or office.

Photo Note: *The ceiling in the room where the clock is presently located is too low to accommodate the top center finial. So, we did our best to take a photo of it and to "merge" it onto the photo of the head section of the clock. The joint between the finial and case is not correct because the two angles from which the photos were taken were close, but not the same. But, at least, it gives you an approximation of what the clock looks like with the finial in place.




Front Left
Upper View
*Head w/Finial
Finial - 1
Finial - 2
Lower Left
Lower Right
Dial - 1
Dial - 2
Pendulum Jar

Comments: A very rare and original clock that will be a visual and auditory showpiece wherever it is placed. We got a great price on this clock and have passed it on to you. Please give us a call to start the acquisition process...

Questions? Contact us by phone at , or e-mail.

Ly, T.D., Longcase Clocks & Standing Regulators, 1994, p.376
Ly, T.D., Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements 3rd Ed Vol 1, 2004, p.405

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Ansonia “Arcadia” Swinging-Arm Clock
on Extremely Rare Original Ansonia Stand
Both with Original Finish

Ansonia “Arcadia”Swinging-Arm Clock on Extremely Rare Original Ansonia Stand  Both with Original Finish  ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ansonia “Arcadia”Swinging-Arm Clock on Extremely Rare Original Ansonia Stand  Both with Original Finish  ~ Antique Clocks Guy


Ansonia "Arcadia" - Original Catalogue Drawing – Antique Clocks Guy
(original catalogue drawing)


Here for your considerartion is an extremely rare pairing of Ansonia's largest swing-arm clock and its original factory base. We've seen only one of these bases and only a couple of this clock ever before. This is a phenomenal opportunity to own a real "specimen" pair. Lots of photos below will take you on a tour of this wonderful piece.

These distinctive clocks were made starting in the 1880′s period by the Ansonia Clock Co. of New York. They consisted (primarily) of a classical female metal figure holding aloft a clock (usually of ball-form, but occasionally having a brass barrel-form) with a metal swinging pendulum arm and a brass, spring-driven, eight-day movement.

They were originally purchased by jewelry stores as window displays to attract the attention of potential customers. The swinging arm design concept was successful and imitated by other clockmakers, especially the French. The original price for this clock was $50; it's a bit more now!

Physical Dimensions:
• Statue: 25"
Swing Arm: 24"
• Clock Base: 9" diameter
• Dial Ball: 4" diameter

• Stand: 35"h x 13" square top

Physical Condition:
Both the statue and base have the original Ansonia "Art Nouveau" finish that has been professionally cleaned and waxed. The "Barbedienne" finish on the balls has been professionally restored and the gilding re-plated by the top silversmith firm on the West Coast. It is an incredible piece – clock and base.

Mechanical: The eight-day, time-only movement (see reference file photo) has been overhauled and is in excellent running condition. It is encased in the upper ball. It is of all brass construction and measures approximately 3”h x by 2.5”w. There is an inner pendulum that swings the opposite direction of the long swing arm. The plate that faces you as you open the back of the case is signed on the lower left with the Ansonia trademark on the lower right.

Below the upper ball is the pivot point for the swing arm. Delicate suspension springs that facilitate the swing are hidden in the front by a fleur de lis-styled medallion. Below this are the vertical rods and with a smaller ball on the bottom. When the clock is running, the entire arm (containing the movement) swings like the motion of a pendulum.

  Ansonia “Arcadia”Swinging-Arm Clock on Extremely Rare Original Ansonia Stand  Both with Original Finish  ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Comments: This is an incredible opportunity to own that for which other collectors have long beaten the bush in their search... and in vain. To find both the statue and the base is pretty much impossible. Please give us a call to start the process of moving this beautiful ensemble to your home or office.

Questions? Contact us by phone at 760-604-0262, or e-mail.




Clock on Stand - 1
Clock on Stand - 2

Front View - 1
Front View - 2
Front Closeup
Front Left - 1
Front Left - 2
Front Right
Ball - Upper
Ball - Lower
Statue - Front
Statue - Left
Statue - Upper Right
Statue - Back
Base & Stand - 1
Base & Stand - 2
Base & Stand - Top
Stand Top


Ly, T.D., American Clocks - I, 1989, p.70
Ly, T.D., Ansonia Clocks and Watches, 1998, p.707
Ehrhardt, R., Clock Identification & Price Guide, 1994, p.113

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Ithaca Regulator No. 1 in Walnut, c. Nov. 1888

Ithaca Regulator No. 1 in Walnut  ~ Antique Clocks Guy

Ship From So. CA

Ithaca Regulator No. 1 - Original Catalogue Drawing ~ Antique Clocks Guy
(original catalogue)


In all the years we've been representing major collectors this is only the second one of this very scarce model that we've had available to us, and only the third one we've actually seen. Tall and graceful, this splendid Victorian era serpentine-sided perpetual calendar clock made by the Ithaca Calendar Clock Co of New York with beautiful carved crest and lower pediment awaits your careful examination and consideration.

Physical: The solid walnut cabinet with period graphite script serial "No. 1993" and dated "11-88", measures 22"w x 72"h x 9"d is in excellent physical condition with original finish. It has recently been thoroughly cleaned and professionally waxed to preserve the finish. The incised dial-surround is in excellent original condition and really sets this model apart from others.

The front section incorporates a large door that is fitted with glass. This opens to allow access to the two large paper-over-zinc dials. They both measure 12" in diameter and are in excellent original condition. The upper dial displays the time with Roman numerals and features a sweep second hand. The lower dial displays the day of the week, the month and calendar day.

The nickel-plated lyre pendulum is in excellent and original condition. The two weights are original and correct as are the two finials on top.

A previous owner filled two holes that were placed in the bottom of the base to secure the clock to the wall.

Mechanical: The eight-day, time-only, weight-powered, nickel-plated movement with sweep center seconds, is powered by two weights and regulated by seconds-beating wooden rod and nickel-faced pendulum bob. The movement has recently been professionally overhauled and the calendar mechanism serviced. Both the clock movement and perpetual calendar mechanism function correctly. The calendar recognizes and compensates for leap years. Nice!

Comments: This is a fabulous clock that does everything but wind itself; that'll be your adoring job once a week as you and the clock pass time happily together. Give us a call to start the love affair in your home!

Questions? Contact us by phone at 760-604-0262, or e-mail.




Front Left - 1
Front Left - 2
Front Right
Crown Detail
Upper Section
Upper Left
Upper Right - 1
Upper Right - 2
Lower Section
Lower Left - 1
Lower Left - 2
Lower Right - 1
Lower Right - 2
Base Right
Dial - Clock
Dial - Calendar
Clock Movement
Calendar Mechanis
Serial Number

Ly, T.D., American Clocks - I, 1989, p.145
Ly, T.D., Calendar Clocks, 1992, p.125

Miller, A. & D., Survey of American Calendar Clocks, 1989, p.32

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