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Difficult-to-Find Seth Thomas City Series Santa Fe
Seth Thomas City Series "Santa Fe" Model - Antique Clocks Guy

Seth Thomas City Series "Santa Fe" Model - Antique Clocks Guy

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This clock is one of the City Series by Seth Thomas. We've never had one of this model available to us before, but understand they generally are missing some of the incredible metal leaves on the front. Take a close look at this stunning clock:

Physical: The oak case was completely refurbished. The metal was removed and cleaned, and the wood finish refinished as the old finish was basically shot. The case is 22.5"h and has a wonderful 6" dial that retains the original paint. There is a remnant label in the inside bottom. While you're looking at that, be sure to take a close look at the incredible damascened pendulum bob - it is in amazing condition.

Mechanical: The eight-day half-hour-striking movement was professionally overhauled and is ready for years of great service in your home.

Comments: This is a beautiful clock - whether you're an experienced collector or just shopping for a pretty decorator piece. Call us to make it your own.

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Front View
Front Left
Front Right
Base & Pendulum

Ly, T.D., Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements 3rd Ed Vol 1, 2004, p.207

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