Terms & Conditions of Sale

All prices are in U.S. Dollars. We joyfully accept personal checks, money orders, or cashier's checks for payment. If you wish to use PayPal, please add 4% to the purchase price to cover their fees or use the "send money to friends/family option to avoid fees. We also accept Zelle transfers.

On sales to destinations outside of the U.S. or Canada, we accept only bank wire transfers, in which case the buyer is responsible for fees of both the sending and receiving financial institution. We reserve the right to cancel any sale where payment by our terms is not received within ten days following your notification of intent to purchase; deposits are non-refundable.

If there are multiple prospective purchasers for a single item, the prospect from whom we first receive payment shall be deemed to be the buyer.

Once we have received payment there is no cancellation as we have at that point committed to purchase the clock from our source and/or already paid them for the clock.

Sales Tax (CA Residents)
CA residents must add current state sales tax (City of Escondido rate).

Packing & Shipping
All packing/crating, insurance, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, however disassembly (for example, removal of tubular chimes, weights, pendulum, finials, etc.) is the responsibility of the consignor. If a clock is to be moved by a blanket-wrap mover, it is the responsibility of the consignor to have the weights, finials and other small parts (possibly to include the movement) professionally packed in advance of arrival of the truck. We can discuss this.

The UPS Store is a good source to help you with this packing if needed. We do not personally pack any items, so please don't ask us to do that for you. All items are insured. We will generally make an insurance recommendation, but it is the responsibility of the buyer in communication with the shipper to confirm the amount of insurance desired.

We only use commercial packing and shipping firms. They do a professional job of packing and ensure that our items arrive safely. That also provides you a second "layer" of insurance covering the packaging quality.

All items are, at the very least, double-boxed. Some may require crating. Most larger items, when being shipped domestically, are handled by one of our blanket-wrap movers whom you pay directly. Otherwise, when an item is packed and ready to ship, the packer and/or shipper will call you for payment by credit card, which may require faxing an authorization form to them. Your privacy is protected as we we never have access to that credit card information and we make no profit on shipping.

Weights are packed separately from clocks to ensure safe arrival of the clock. Where appropriate, large clock movements are removed from the clock, packed and shipped separately. The same applies to mechanical music devices. Where practical, components that are subject to movement during shipping will be secured or removed and packed separately.

Most large-format clocks (tallcase, etc.) and most mechanical music devices are shipped via a blanket-wrap common carrier.

We will work with you to find the shipping method that best fits your needs while providing safe transit of the item. Please note that it takes longer to ship with a blanket-wrap mover than UPS because of scheduling that is beyond our control. Large items being shipped to points outside North America require commercial crating.

Because of our volume, some commercial packers extend beneficial prices to our clients. Our cost for packing, insurance and shipping is your cost; you pay the shipper directly.

Transfer of Ownership/Liability
Once we receive payment the item purchased becomes your property and our liability ceases. If there is a problem with the shipment (extremely rare) we will endeavor to assist you, however your claim must be filed directly with the packer and/or shipper. When we deliver an item to be packed it is in the condition we stated in our listing and we have the packer sign to acknowledge such. Our consignors also sign, and we retain, but do not disclose, an ownership statement certifying they have the legal right to sell the item.

Occasionally, because of the bouncing around that inevitably occurs during shipping, a clock will require adjustment after unpacking, sometimes by a professional clocksmith. Any cost associated with such post-shipping adjustment is the buyer's sole responsibility. Setup of the shipped clock is the sole responsibility of the buyer; shippers do not have clock setup expertise.

Although it has happened infrequently, because most of our items are consigned but not physically in our possession, the possibility always exists that a consignor might sell an item without notifying us of that sale. In general, our consignors go out of their way to let us know if an item is sold. In such case, we will notify you immediately, but we will always know that before confirming the sale and asking for payment.

All items are sold as-is/as-found. Dimensions are approximate and wood type only per observation. All sales are final. No returns, exchanges or refunds are allowed. Fancy keys, cranks, tassles, underlying shelves, etc., unless specifically noted in a listing, are the perspnal property of the seller and will not be included with the clock when it is shipped. A winding key or crank will generally be included with all clocks we ship.

Sending photos to us grants us an implied right to use, post or distribute them as we deem appropriate.

We work diligently before, during and after the sale to provide the best service practical. Check these comments from our clients on the Clock Guy Testimonials page. We're sure they will give you the confidence you need to proceed with a purchase and the knowledge that you will be pleased with our service, too!

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