Prepaid Evaluations

Every day we have a bunch of contacts from people asking for advice about one clock or another. The amount of time required to answer every inquiry would likely preclude us from making any money because they could tie us up fulltime!

Some folks are willing to pay a small, reasonable fee for this information. So, for nominal fee (for most items) we'll provide a quick report on most clocks, but only if we have communicated with you in advance, know what you have, and agree to do the evaluation. Many items people ask us about aren't worth fifty bucks, let alone the investment in an evaluation. We would not take advantage of someone by taking on evaluation of a low-end item... unless you beg!

So, if you wish us to evaluate your clock, please contact us and let's discuss it either by phone or e-mail. Then, if it's an item about which we can provide useful information, we'll have you send us a payment via PayPal in the amount of $50 followed by a detailed set of photos, dimensions, statement of physical and mechanical condition, last service date, any history you have, etc.

We'll prepare a one-page (sometimes a bit more) report that will give you some insight into your item along with our estimated current street price (retail) and, if it's a higher-ticket item, an estimated replacement value for insurance purposes. Most clocks about which people contact us are best covered by their homeowner's insurance and don't require an insurance rider.

If you have a high-ticket item, or one which requires significant research on our part the fee will likely be substantially more than the fee mentioned above.

In most cases we can provide you with information on the following fairly quickly – within a few days:

  1. antique American clocks
  2. antique English clocks
  3. antique German clocks
  4. antique Austrian clocks
  5. antique banjo clocks
  6. antique bracket clocks
  7. antique brass or bronze clocks
  8. antique calendar clocks
  9. antique carriage clocks
  10. antique chime clocks
  11. antique Westminster chime clocks
  12. antique Whittington chime clocks
  13. antique Canterbury chime clocks
  14. antique Eight Bell chime clocks
  15. antique crystal regulator clocks
  16. antique enamelled iron clocks
  17. antique fashion clocks
  18. antique figural clocks
  19. antique figure clocks
  20. antique grandfather clocks
  21. antique longcase clocks
  22. antique tallcase clocks
  23. antique hanging clocks
  24. antique mantle clocks
  25. antique marble clocks
  26. antique novelty clocks (some)
  27. antique porcelain clocks
  28. antique regulator clocks
  29. antique ship's bell clocks
  30. antique ship's clocks
  31. antique military clocks
  32. antique wardroom clocks
  33. antique standing regulators
  34. antique swinger clocks
  35. antique tambour clocks (American)
  36. antique time-recorder clocks
  37. antique Ansonia clocks
  38. antique Baird advertising clocks
  39. antique Ball Watch Co. clocks
  40. antique Boston clocks
  41. antique Chelsea clocks
  42. antique E. Howard clocks
  43. antique Gilbert clocks
  44. antique Herschede clocks
  45. antique Howard & Davis clocks
  46. antique Ingraham clocks
  47. antique Kroeber clocks
  48. antique Landis clocks
  49. antique New Haven clocks
  50. antique Poole clocks
  51. antique Prentis clocks
  52. antique Self Winding clocks
  53. antique Sempire clocks
  54. antique Sessions clocks
  55. antique Seth Thomas & Sons clocks
  56. antique Seth Thomas clocks
  57. antique Terry clocks
  58. antique United States Clock Company clocks
  59. antique Waltham clocks
  60. antique Waterbury clocks
  61. antique Welch clocks
  62. Gazo Family Clock Factory clocks
  63. antique Gustav Becker clocks
  64. antique Remember clocks
  65. antique Vienna Regulators

So, the first step is to contact us and let us know what it is that you have. We may ask you to send us one initial photo just to clarify before we make a commitment as we want to make sure we can actually give you value for your fifty bucks! You may contact us at:

or by phone:

NOTE: the address you see here is not a clickable link. You will need to type our e-mail address into your message header. This is done for security purposes so that those weasels who mine websites to obtain e-mail addresses for spam purposes can't easily access ours (sorry for any inconvenience)!

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