Do You Have An Estate or “ Pre-Estate ?

We have a continuous stream of calls from parents struggling to decide the best way to dispose of clocks, mechanical music devices and other antiques. Some are stressed because their kids are already haggling with one another. Others have kids with no interest in (and generally no knowledge of) these prizes. They all need help "finding a good home" and knowing they will realize a fair price from the sale, too. That's where we come into the picture...

Antique Estate Items
If you have an estate or pending "pre-estate" (downsizing) and need assistance to market your clocks or mechanical musical devices, please contact us immediately. There is no reason you or your loved ones should settle for ten cents on the dollar. We can make the difference for you... and them.

We start by taking a look at what you have, its condition and marketability. Then we establish an expected fair market value and the amount that we will pay you if we sell the item. That way there are no surprises and you get the best return on your investment. It's a far better way to go than trying to sell it yourself, dealing with the "looky-loos" and frequent fraud of eBay, or paying exorbitant fees to an auctioneer then waiting forever to get paid!

Who The Heck Are We?
We are extremely well-known and respected in the North American clock community and, as such, were chosen to write the introduction to Tran Duy Ly's best-selling clock book(s) of all time, Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements, Vol I & II, 3rd Edition, 2004, and his Kroeber Clocks, 2006. You can read more about us personally here. And you can also read pages and pages of testimonials from our consignors and buyers.

Call us at . We're helping scores of folks all across North America. Or, send us an e-mail message.

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