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30-Day Altdeutsch Vienna Regulator
“H. Ellenberger, Wien”

30-Day Altdeutsch Vienna Regulator Signed “H. Ellenberger, Wien” – Antique Clocks Guy

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Thirty-day Vienna regulators are prized possessions of knowledgeable collectors. We don't have them very often and are pleased to present this large clock for your consideration. It is of the "Altdeutsch" style which was prominent between 1870-1895

Physical: The walnut case with fine, detailed craftsmanship measures 12"w x 65"h x 7"d is in excellent physical condition and features the original finish. The 6.5" diameter porcelain dial is in excellent condition as well. It has a small hairline between XI-XII. Often, these can be minimized by application of a small amount of bleach on the end of a Q-tip. The dial is signed "H. Ellenberger, Wien" (Vienna). This would likely be the retailer who first sold the clock.

The hands are original, correct, and marvelous. The glass is professionally installed, but we can't vouch for originality. The pulley is very fancy as is the temperature-compensating pendulum with porcelain insert on the bob. Note, too, the fine porcelain beat plate in the bottom inside.

Mechanical: The one-weight, 30-day movement has recently been professionally serviced, is in excellent mechanical condition and ready for many years of great service.

Comments: This clock will attract lots of attention. Will it be in your entryway, sitting room, or perhaps in the conference room of your office? Give us a call to start the process. We'll make shipping arrangements; you pay them directly.

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Front - 1
Front - 2
Upper Right
Lower Right
Crown - Off
Upper Section
Lower Section
Pendulum - 1
Pendulum - 2
Pendulum Suspension
Pulley & Weight

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