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Gustav Becker 2-Weight Vienna Regulator

Gustav Becker 2-Weight Vienna Regulator ~ Antique Clocks Guy


Gustav Becker 2-Weight Vienna Regulator ~ Antique Clocks Guy

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Gustav Becker 2-Weight Vienna Regulator ~ Antique Clocks Guy


Here's a lovely 2-weight Vienna Regulator, c.1890 by the much sought after European clockmaking firm of Gustav Becker. There are a lot of photos below to guide you through the evaluation process.

Physical: The walnut-veneered fruitwood case measures 17.75"w x 45"h x 8.125"d and is in excellent, age-appropriate condition with original finish, finials and crown. The 6.375" diameter dial is original to the case. There appears to be a touchup to the numerals in the XII-II area. The weights show that they've been around. That would not bother us, but the good news is that weight shells are readily available inexpensively at timesavers.com.

Mechanical: The eight-day, time-and-rod-strike movement, s/n 850579, is in excellent running condition. Please note that this clock strikes on a rod, which is significantly more pleasant to listen to than many clocks of this genre that strike on a tinny-sounding coiled gong... BIG plus about this clock.

Comments: Lotta clock for the money.

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Front View - 1
Front View - 2
Front Left
Front Right
Left Side
Upper Left
Lower Le
Right Side
Upper Right
Lower Right
Crown Detail
Crown Top
- 1
Base - 2

Beat P
Tape Measure!
GB Movement Hanger
Movement - Left
Movement - Right
Movement Signature
Movement S/N

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