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I told you I was a handsome boy, now you can see for yourself.
I'll be four years old in a few days (Feb 2007) and my neckband has grown in even more than you see in this picture.!
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Hi Guys...

Well, I've turned out to be quite the boid, and the apple of my folks' eye! I'm cute, friendly to others, love to be petted (even though the books say "my kind" don't like that... what could they possibly know, anyway), and I love to eat bird-daddy's food – either from his mouth (which he thinks is unhealthy and gross), or from his plate (which he also thinks is unhealthy and gross). So, I've got him figured out: When he sits down for dinner, I crawl to the outside of the food dish door on my cage, then I look straight at bird-daddy and rattle the heck out of the door. Seems to do it every time, 'cause he jumps up with his fork in-hand and loads up my bowl with some good eats.

People really aren't as smart as they think they are!

I've also been picking up vocabulary, and learning to use it in context. People crack up when the phone rings and I always answer, "Hello, Richard Oliver..." Heck, I'm just doing the old guy a favor. And I always say, "Okay, see ya, bye." One little confession: occasionally I ring the cellphone myself just to see him jump up and go answer it (he needs the exercise, anyway)!

He also thinks it's funny that I mimic the startup sound of the laser printer by my playpen in the office. It goes into energy-saver mode until the old guy wants to print something, then it springs to life. When it does, I can make the same "oooooweee" startup noise. No big deal, but he cracks up every time I do it.

People are easily entertained, too.

Well, here is a list of my current vocabulary, just in case it's vital for you to know:


  • “Oh…!”
  • “(rings phone) Hello, Richard Oliver.”
  • Female voice, "How do you feel?" Answers in a male voice, "Fine!"
  • Female voice, “Hi, how are you?” Answers in a male voice, "Fine!"
  • Female voice, “How ya doin?” Answers in a male voice, "Fine!"
  •  “Thank-you!”
  • “Good bird, Joplin!”
  •  “Okay, see ya, bye!”
  • “Okay, see you later, bye.”
  • “Okay, great, bye!”
  • “Hi Birdie!”
  • “Hey, Birdie!”
  • “Where’re we goin’?”
  • “Scary Kerry!” (election leftovers)
  • Laser printer startup

p.s. My dad keeps trying to get me to say, "Jeepers, Creepers!" but so far I'm not being cooperative, even though he tells me that the cockatiels in the past had no problem. I'm just keeping him waiting!

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