Why We Use Commercial Packers

Here's a note from an antique dealer friend says it all very clearly:

"Great packing and safe arrival of your merchandise does not happen automatically... and it pays to do business with a dealer of integrity in the first place. If their clients don't comment on their packing, you should ask LOTS of questions."

We can tell you packing/shipping stories and show you pictures that would make your pendulum curl! (If you have such a photo, please contact us and perhaps we can use it here.)

"Hello Clock Guy:

You think you have problems–I just received a Vienna that was single-boxed (even though I requested double boxing–packed by an amateur) and he left the movement installed in the case.

The carton he used was probably shipped back and forth across the country six times from the looks and softness of it–and the movement had blasted all the mounting screws out of the wood back of the clock.

By some miracle, the glass was not broken, but I had an evening's work just to get it back together... and I have better things to do."



Live and learn... or clean up someone else's mess! 

(Be sure to see our photo sequence of how a clock
should be packed!)

Stick with us...
"We practice safe packing!"

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