Following is a catalogue sheet from the last version of the clock. Note the straight base and no insert between the base and the pendulum bob. Also note, for the first time in printed material by the company, the name no longers shows "Gazo Family Clock Factory", but just "Gazo Clocks" (after Dr. Art and Judy Thomas had taken over the firm). This catalogue sheet was prepared for the last batch of Gazo clocks produced by the company that included the Californian and San Miguel models, prior to the death of Dr Thomas. A limited number of these clocks in oak and walnut remain available to us from the last production run. If you have an interest in a literally brand-new Californian or San Miguel, please contact us directly (January 2013).


NOTE: Other companies of the "Gazo era" made similar-styled clocks,
most notably those made by the Chamber Clock Co.
Here's what we learned from Ed Gazo about the Chamber firm:

Here are photos of a contemporary clock that is very similar to the Gazo Californian model
but we don't know who the maker was. Perhaps both clocks were inspired by a photo in
the same book of European clocks; that was the source of many Gazo clock designs.
The weights and pendulum on the clock below certainly would not have met
the standards of the Gazo Family Clock Factory!