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Hours of Business
We are located in Southern CA and will be happy to talk with you by phone or e-mail seven days a week. We are generally available daily after 6:30am Pacific Time except Sunday mornings.
Because we are literally buried in SPAM,
we've been forced to change how our e-mail works.
Spam Avoidance:
Like many online sites, our e-mail address has been electronically "mined" by spammers anxious to build their outbound list for unsolicited SPAM-mail. Some days we receive 300-500 messages, with a high percentage being spam. It's a heckuva job sorting through them every day.

The hosting companies don't do a very good job of filtering, so we had to take the law into our own hands and change how e-mail comes to us. So we wanted to explain this to you and let you know we do want to hear from you. Please ensure that the subject of your message is clearly clock-related or it will be automatically deleted... especially if the subject is blank!
Before Going Further:
Looking for  Clock Parts?
Don't Ask Us;
Please Look Elsewhere!
We get hundreds of e-mails every year from people who want clock parts. We don't sell any parts. Not big parts, not little parts, not new parts, not old parts, not kinda-maybe parts. We only sell whole clocks. So please don't send us an e-mail saying you are looking for this part or that, because we just can't help you!

Need Parts? Try


Send Us
Photos of
Your Clock!

We're in the antique clocks clock-selling business. We are not certified appraisers. Every day we get a dozen or so calls and e-mails from people who just want to know about their clock. Many people send us unsolicited photos, which we just delete. We'd love to help everyone but, honestly, we can't make any money that way... and the time we spend answering those calls is actually costing us money. So we request that if you are going to write or call us, please consider the value of our time. Call us or write if you have an antique clock for us to sell, or if want to buy one of ours.

If you're looking for free advice, we suggest that you spend the fifty-five bucks and join the NAWCC. This will give you free access to their research staff at the National Clock Museum in PA. Hope this makes sense to you.
Subject Line
Most important, so we don't accidentally filter out your message is that the subject must not be blank, and must have a topic that is readily recognized as clock-related, or, if coming from a personal friend, must be very obvious as a legit message.

PLEASE NOTE: Our system will auto-delete your message if the subject line is blank! Tons of spam comes in without a subject, so we had to take this urgent action to screen out unwanted "junque".

If you are writing to request that we search for an item for you, please begin the subject line with the word (in caps) "WANTED:" followed by what it is you are seeking. You can put more details in the body of the message. This will automatically filter-in your message.

If you are inquiring about a clock that is not an antique, we cannot help you. We only deal in antiquities.
Our eMail Address:
(note: this is not a clickable link!)

The preceding address is a graphic, not clickable text, so you must physically type our e-mail address into the heading of your outbound e-mail. It is not an automatic "mailto" link so the spammers can't pick it up electronically... sorry.

Phone Us?
Please feel free to just pick up the phone and give us a call on our cell number if that would be faster/easier for you: 760-604-0262. This is our (Pacific Time Zone) cell phone number. If we're not immediately available, we'll return the call ASAP... honest!
We Do Look Forward To Hearing From You!
Do you have a clock to sell? We'll sell it for you!
Are you seeking a clock? We'll find it for you!

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